7 Times Jayda Avanzado and Francine Diaz Were BFF Goals

by Leika Golez   |  May 12, 2022
Image: Instagram/jayda
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Here at Candy, we’re big on celebrity friendships. We know how hard it is to survive the industry (or life, in general) without a trusty pal, so it’s always reassuring to see young stars support each other. Lately, we’ve been feeling that supportive girl power between Jayda Avanzado and Francine Diaz. These two buddies haven’t stopped motivating each other since they coincidentally boarded the same flight to the States in 2019, and we’re totally here for it! 

If you love their bond just as much as we do, here are seven times Jayda and Francine proved that they were BFF goals: 

1. During Jayda’s Magandang Buhay guesting last year, Francine prepared the most touching video message for her showbiz friend. “Kapag nakasama niyo [si Jayda] kahit isang araw lang, sobrang maalaga niya, sobrang funny. Kapag alam niya na meron akong pinagdadaanan or malungkot ako, talagang gumagawa siya ng way para gumaan yung pakiramdam ko,” Francine shared. In response, Jayda thanked Francine for her genuine support and called Francine her “soul sister.” 


2. How to make wisdom tooth removal bearable? According to Jayda, you have to ring your bestie up while under the influence of strong anesthetics, LOL. Their whole call was just a whole *mood,* from Jayda suddenly crying over how pretty Francine is to Francine poking fun at Jayda’s sabaw-ness. 

3. ICYDK, Jayda’s song “M.U.” actually stemmed from a conversation between the two besties! Jayda first thought of the concept while she and Francine were discussing their personal relationship dealbreakers. Jayda then asked Francine to appear in the song’s music video as her way of saying thanks. 

4. Francine and Jayda made the most out of their Holy Week break by holding an at-home dinner date. Of course, no BFF reunion is complete without a hearty plate of pancit canton and sunny-side up eggs!

watch now

5. We *still* can’t get over that time Jayda and Francine posted a rib-tickling “Who’s Most Likely To” vlog on YouTube. Give it a watch if you need a good laugh! 

6. Right before Jayda’s debut party in 2021, she and Francine arranged the cutest pajama-themed pictorial at Okada Manila. They even slept in the same hotel room following the event, so they spent the one-on-one after-party just *chilling* in the jacuzzi and doing their skincare routines. 


7. In a lengthy Instagram post, Jayda greeted Francine on her 18th birthday and reminded her that she deserves nothing but happiness. She wrote: “My wish for you is that you always remember, that even if you’re busy, or investing your time and heart in caring about other people, it’s okay to put yourself first sometimes, and make decisions that will be best for you and your life. You deserve to be happy. Know that I'll always be here for you through thick and thin!” Awww, how cute!



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