SPOTTED: James Reid in Marikina Shooting for a Movie

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 13, 2016
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So we spotted James Reid in Marikina again! Thanks to our secret (LOL) correspondent who's so #blessed to be living near the shooting location for what looks like their summer movie This Time

James Reid

James Reid

We have a lot of questions right now, really. Why is he carrying funeral flowers? Also, why does he look so good in that pair of glasses (and that shirt!!!) even if we can barely see his face? GEEZ, JAMES, YOU DO YOU.


James Reid

If you're worried just like us that there might be a sad ending waiting for us because those are funeral flowers (!!!), don't be because our correspondent said that the area where they're shooting seems to be for two locations: one for James's family in the movie who have a bakery and one for Nadine's family who owns a funeral parlor. TBH, we're not really sure what to make sense of it all so we're even more excited to see the movie!

Don't miss the first part of us stalking James in Marikina over here.

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