James Reid on His Birthday Wishes for His Family

Awww, this guy.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  May 11, 2016
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What most people probably miss out on when talking about one of this generation's brightest young stars, James Reid, is how big his heart is for his family. Speaking to him, along with a few members of the press, during his birthday celebration with the kids of Asociacion de Damas Filipinas in Paco, Manila last Sunday, we just had to ask him about his birthday wishes—for himself and for the people whom he loves most, his family.

We instantly saw how his eyes lit up just talking about them. Aww! Here's his heartwarming answer to the question:

"My little brother, Jack, he just started out in show business. I wish him the strength and bravery. He's very shy like I was back then, so I wish him all the best. For my dad, I just wish him happiness. For my other brothers and sisters, just success in whatever it is they choose to do." 


What about for himself, you ask? "My first wish was the success of This Time," he said. "That came true!" When asked about his personal wish, he said, smiling, that he wishes that "everything could slow down. Just a little."

It's really been a huge year for James, and we couldn't be prouder and happier for him. Right after their tour, JaDine will be working on another TV series with Dreamscape—the same team behind the top-rating On the Wings of Love.

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And if you're curious about his birthday plans, James revealed during the event that he's planning to have a quiet dinner with his family and to meet up with girlfriend Nadine Lustre since today's also their third monthsary.

Happy, happy birthday, James!

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