James Reid Refused to Leave TikTok Live Until His 3,000 Fans Did

AWWW, he said he'd feel bad!
by Gianna Sibal   |  Apr 6, 2021
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Actor, musician, and record label producer slash executive James Reid has been really busy these days with promotions for new song “SODA”—his futuristic music video just dropped about a week ago, and he’s been busy taking over stages with a latest performance at Vinyl on Vinyl and the Wish 107.5 Bus. Apart from that, he’s also busy handling his own record label with new and upcoming artists joining their roster.

James always has time to speak to his fans though, and last Friday, March 31, he talked about his current and future projects as well as his co-artists’ plans, and read some comments on a TikTok Live. What’s so cute about James’s interaction with his fans, though, was the fact that he refused to leave until they do!

When we’re on a Zoom call, the hosts usually end the meeting because, well, it’s over, no point in keeping around. And let’s face it, some celebrities won’t wait until their viewer count is zero to end their lives—maybe there’s just too many of them! But James stuck until the end of his, and waited for 3,000 people to exit because he “feels bad if I just leave.” Is it just me or is that so cute and sweet? :(

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Here’s the video for your reference:


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? original sound - jadine ????

James actually did this TikTok Live with Malaysian singer YUNA to talk about their collaboration, and it’s something to look forward to while grinding to the end of the week with work and school: it comes out this Friday, April 9. He’s featured in a remix of her hit single “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” or “DLNW”, a groovy bop about embracing one’s self, and YUNA shared that she’s “over the moon” James agreed on this collaboration. YUNA has been wanting to come out to the Philippine market with her music, and this is her first collaboration with a Filipino artist—but did you know? It was actually through their mutual friend, Coleen Garcia, that this collaboration was born!


Also, fun fact: that TikTok Live was the first time YUNA and James first met! (They never met before while they were working on the song). When the quarantine is over, the Malaysian singer said that she wants to come to the Philippines so she can shoot the music video with James and shared that she already has ideas. That’s exciting!

Keep your eyes peeled on the release of their new song this Friday, April 9. In the meantime, watch James’s "SODA" music video here:


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