James Reid and Nadine Lustre's Teen Vogue Feature Is Here!

These two are flying high.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 2, 2016
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Remember that time James Reid and Nadine Lustre caught the attention of Teen Vogue while they were touring around US and Canada for JaDine in Love?

Well, the wait is over because the feature is finally here! Can't deal with these feelings~

The feature talks about how, with On the Wings of Love and This Time and all their projects together, JaDine has taken the Philippines by storm—and the concept of love teams in the country.


We've heard James and Nadine's love story a hundred times already but, you know, it's still something we won't ever get sick of—from co-workers to best friends and eventually, lovers. The two look back on their beginnings (hello, "Alam Niya Ba?" and Diary ng Panget) and their journey to becoming #TeamReal. We were reminded on how their fame and being packaged as a love team got difficult for them at times, too, especially before they became a couple. This, Naddie confirms to Teen Vogue, saying, "People hated seeing you with someone else. When they did, fans started talking. There was a lot of drama."

Which is why there are people who view the concept of love teams in the country as something we should move on from, there's so much drama whenever stars don't date together IRL. But while that could be partly true, the interview also focuses on the reason behind our obsession with the concept of love teams and sheds light on the matter: It has something to do with true love and our conservative culture when it comes to relationships, we are hopeless romantics. We believe that if our favorite stars find love, we will too. But before you frown, the article emphasized that isn't exactly something we should be ashamed because there have been studies that have proven that being a hopeless romantic is actually good for your love life.

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Read the feature on JaDine, James Reid and Nadine Lustre Are the Filipino Love Team You Need to Know, on TeenVogue.com!

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