Why Inka Magnaye Doesn’t Plan on Joining Miss Universe Philippines

Lots of people were asking her!
by The Candy Staff   |  Aug 6, 2021
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Beauty pageants are huge in the Philippines. Filipinos know how to appreciate beauty with substance when they see it, which is why it wasn't a surprise when many netizens got curious about whether or not professional voice-over artist and TikTok star Inka Magnaye ever plans on joining the highly anticipated Miss Universe pageant.

One netizen took to TikTok to ask Inka if she ever has plans of joining Miss U, and in her signature relaxing tone, she explains her answer. The short version of Inka's answer is that, no, she does not have any plans of ever joining beauty pageants. But it's not because she does not think highly of beauty queens—in fact, it's actually the opposite.

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For one, Inka says that she's already past the age limit of qualified applicants. Inka is currently 32 years old (Surprised? A lot of people are, too!). ICYDK, the age requirement for aspiring Miss Universe delegates is between 18 years old and 28 years old.

Additionally, Inka also explains that even if she's still qualified to join, it's unlikely that she'll make plans to do so because she wants to prioritize her mental health. "I know that my mental health won't be able to handle that, and that's okay. We all have different thresholds for our mental health and I'm probably not strong enough to handle the scrutiny that comes with being a pageant representive," Inka explains.


She also took that time to express how huge her respect is for the beauty queens who compete in the pageant for delivering a graceful performance despite the immense amount of pressure they face. She adds, "They know that every single part of themevery answer, every movewill be scrutinized and compared to the other women next to them, and yet, they still do it with all that confidence."

That doesn't mean Inka isn't confident in her own skin, though. While becoming a beauty queen is a great opportunity to champion your personal advocacies and introduce them to a wider audience (something Inka has a lot of, like uplifting the voice-over industry, spotlighting morena beauty, and giving importance to mental health, to name a few), she also pointed out an important lesson about knowing how and where you can best serve the community.

"I was a volunteer at a local NGO for a few years and one of the doctors there said something to me that has stuck with me 'til today. She said, 'If you want to help, then the best way to help is to do what you do best... We can also do good, and be good, and inspire people to do good things from wherever we are, doing what we do best," Inka shares. The content creator is currently inspiring countless people through her online platforms, from her successful podcast Sleeping Pill With Inka to her popular acting TikTok videos that help entertain and educate people on the Internet.


But if there's ever a chance we'll see Inka onstage during coronation night, she hopes it's for hosting the show instead, and tbh, it sounds like a great idea!


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