Inka Magnaye Gets Real About Not Having a College Diploma, Working Young

According to Inka, their business burned down so she had to drop out of high school and start working early.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Sep 23, 2020
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If you, like many of us on social media, have become a fan of voice-over artist Inka Magnaye, then you'll know that she's the voice behind the PAL in-flight advisory as well as a popular radio spiel. On Twitter, she recently shared that she's been working as a VO artist since she was really young and attributes a significant part of her VO expertise to her eight-year radio training.


Under the same tweet, a follower of Inka had asked a question we're sure many of us are curious about: which course did she take in college? Inka simply answered, "I didn’t get to go to college! I had to drop outta high school because my parents didn’t have enough funds (our fam business burned down) and my college plan disappeared. So I had to start working."

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Graduating with a grade school diploma

Inka revealed that she graduated with a grade school diploma, which would have made it difficult for companies to accept her if she were to apply for a job outside of the industry she currently works in. "I had to work VERY hard to get to where I am in my own industry," she shares.

Despite landing several jobs as a voice-over artist and getting social media attention for her talent, Inka emphasized the importance of a college degree and said that if she had a choice, she would have gone to college herself. "School isn’t everything, yes. But if you have the means to finish school, then PLEASE STAY IN SCHOOL."


If she did go to college, Inka said she would have liked to take a course related to linguistics and archaeology.

On getting a diploma and working hard 

More often than not, a college degree isn't a surefire token into the workforce. Despite getting good education, Inka also put emphasis on the value of hard work, something she credits for the many voice-over projects she's landed over the years. "Whatever educational attainment you have, you get to success through hard work," she says in another tweet.


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