If Life Were A (Teen Beach) Movie...

All the fun things possible in the crazy world of Disney's new musical. (Spoiler alert.)
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Aug 8, 2013
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Teen Beach Movie

If life were a (Teen Beach) movie, we'd...

  • Ride a 40-foot wave and end up being transported into our favorite movie.
  • Sing in chorus at the drop of a hat (or a coin into a jukebox).
  • Wear dizzyingly color-coordinated costumes with our friends.
  • Change outfits in a snap but have absolutely no control over said outfit.
  • Dance on top of chairs and tables and rock formations like it’s the easiest thing in the world.
  • Forget little tiffs after a song number.
  • Prove once and for all that April Young is omnipresent.
  • See for ourselves how cute April Young—sorry, Grace Phipps can be. "Oh, bonkers! Are you two together? I would never take another girl's boy. That would be stealing, and he would probably be very hard to return."
  • Literally fall for knights in shining board shorts (and teeth).
  • Have very loud confidential conversations right beside the people we're talking about, without them noticing.
  • Get away with this line: "Do you mind if I join you?" "'Course not. I'd want to join me too."
  • Be honest. "Sometimes I talk low for effect." Oh, Tanner.
  • Get our pick of gorgeous beach waves or perfectly coiffed hair any time we want.
  • Have stages magically appear for—what else?—an impromptu song number.
  • Twirl around wherever, whenever with zero judgment.
  • Have sleepovers in fluffy PJs every night.
  • Avert a disastrous fight with one well-placed tear.
  • Defeat the nefarious plan of the villain with one well-placed hairpin.
  • Poke fun at stereotypes. "Why does she need a boy to be happy?" "Oh, I don't know—it's 1962!"

Catch replays of Teen Beach Movie on Disney Channel.

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