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How to Throw Parties Like a Cool Girl

Newbie in the party department? Take your cues from the #CandySocialStars event!
How to Throw Parties Like a Cool Girl

Whether you're planning to hold a simple get-together with your closest friends or throw a party as huge as Taylor Swift's, make the recent #CandySocialStars event, which happened last July 21, your peg and party like your fave online celebs.

Choose an Instagram-worthy venue.

The country is beaming with cute cafes and restaurants like Le Petit Soufflé. Choose one that will complement the theme of your party and can accommodate all of your guests. If you're a little low on budget, just decorate your place with string lights, balloons, fresh flowers, and lace curtains. Throw in your cutest pillows and Aztec print blankets for a more bohemian feel.

Unleash your inner foodie.

Give go-to party dishes a break, and explore unique treats for your menu. Choose the restaurant's most unusual mains and desserts, but still include one or two all-time favorites for your picky guests. You and your closest besties can also whip up delish food at home by just following those step-by-step tutorials on Facebook or YouTube. It's a great pre-party bonding before the rest of the squad arrives. 

"Please don't stop the music!"


We agree that you should never skip those familiar tunes when having a party, but there's so much more to music than Rihanna's hits. There are tons of up-and-coming artists you should pay attention to like Clara Benin and The Three of Us.

Party games, anyone?

Relive the good old days with a round of paper dance or dance freeze. If board games are your thing, there's Jenga or Cards Against Humanity. If none of these catches your fancy, you can always give each other makeovers. See who can come up with the cutest braid or nail art. Get creative like your fave online stars who had their nails done using their favorite shades from Chic Centre.

Don't forget to capture the moment!

Make your memories last by taking tons of photos! You can hire a pro like #CandySocialStars' Heidi Sarol or rent a photo booth. You can also set up your own photo corner if you're tight on budget. Just decorate a wall in your house with letter balloons, crepe paper, or book pages, attach your camera to a tripod, and snap away! 

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