How to Meet Your OTL According to Your Fave OTPs

by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Aug 17, 2015
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Yna and Angelo on Pangako Sa'Yo

Go swimming. You just might bump into your soul mate while he’s sunbathing and napping on a raft. If he wakes up to pee (gross!!!), do announce your presence unless you want to startle him, making him lose his balance and hit his head on the raft, thus needing to be saved by you. (On second thought...)

Leah and Clark on On the Wings of Love

Be a total tourist and declare your love for the city you’re visiting for the first time. You just might end up in the arms of your OTL as he's walking by, minding his own business. He might be a bit snobby and you might be at a loss for words, but it would definitely make for a good story!

Agnes and Xander on Forevermore

Catch him when he's literally falling. Say you're on your way to town with your dad and a truck full of fresh strawberries and veggies to be sold. You never know if it's those very goods that'll cushion the fall of your soul mate, who decided to go base-jumping without the necessary precautions. (Tsk tsk!) It's understandable to be furious at him for ruining your strawberries and veggies, but give him a chance to redeem himself and make it up to you. You might find that forever isn't just a myth or a meme!

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