How To Be The Ultimate Fangirl

10 pointless ways to profess your undying love to your fave celebrity. Note: might get your restraining orders. Don't say we didn't warn you.
by Jona Fernandez   |  Nov 29, 2012
photo courtesy of Nickelodeon (Hey Arnold!)
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Do you hyperventilate at the mere mention of your favorite celebrity’s name? Does your idol make your heart beat faster and slower at the same time? If you answered a high-pitched, shrilly "OMG YES!" to both questions, then you have been officially bitten by the fangirl bug. Amp up your fangirling ways by religiously following this step-by-step guide to becoming the greatest fangirl to ever walk the planet... a.k.a. a psycho freak.

  1. Know every single darn detail about your idol.
    By now you should know the BASIC stuff—shoe size, plate number, allergies and the name of his/her cousin's friend's pet iguana. I say work on a dissertation-level kind of research, girl!
  2. Build a temple of love.
    Pin-ups as your room wallpaper? That is so Backstreet Boys! Become a die-hard Directioner by turning your room into a shrine for Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis. This corner of religious devotion should include photos, albums, standees, merchandise and other collectibles.
  3. Stand out as a Twitter follower.
    Mention him in your every. single. tweet (e.g., Singing in the shower @zaynmalik, Reviewing for Algebra @zaynmalik, Running errands for mom @zaynmalik). Show extra love by retweeting all his posts!
  4. Make the World Wide Web witness your declaration of undying love.
    Are you a true-blue Swiftie? Do your best impersonation of Taylor Swift or make a music video out of a song from her latest album, RED. Don't forget to include a sweet ERMAHGERD-I'M-MADLY-IN-LOVE-WITH-YOU message at the end and post it on YouTube.
  5. Join the drama club and work your way to stardom.
    Bag your school play's lead role and hope for your next big break as Mario Maurer’s next leading lady. Move over, Erich Gonzales!
  6. Refer to your guy idol as your husband.
    Uh-huh, we know that you are not Justin Bieber's ultimate fan. You are his wife! Yep, we’re all aware that Selena Gomez is a homewrecker and we also know how you jumped for joy like a lunatic when you heard about the potential breakup of Jelena. So much feels, eh?
  7. Plan your future with him.
    Go into detail about your engagement, wedding entourage, conjugal vows, honeymoon, etc. and make a scrapbook (complete with pop-outs!) of you and your fave celebrity (err, your husband).
  8. Be a vampire.
    Show some love for your object of admiration—Edward Cullen style! Watch her while she sleeps, rescue her when you sense she’s in danger and most of all, sparkle in the sun. Bella fell for Edward, right? Who knows, it might work for you!
  9. Be the best one-man support system.
    Little things do matter so show your support for your idol in all ways possible. Be at the front row of all his concerts, buy all his abums, watch his movies every day, name your dog after him and whatnot.
  10. Knit your idol a pillowcase using needles of passion and threads of love and affection.
    You know, just a sweet nothing from a religious fangirl like yourself!
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