How an OPM Song Got Played on The Vampire Diaries

by Macy Alcaraz   |  Apr 4, 2016
The CW
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Last week, we noticed a Twitter exchange between OPM artist Carol Banawa and The CW music supervisor Chris Mollere. We posted this on our Facebook Page.

In the episode directed by Ian Somerhalder, the track off of Carol's very first album is heard faintly in the background during a scene between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore). They're in the Philippines in search of a solution for Stefan's scar problem. Don't believe us? You can see it on the official CW site under episode 716.

We got in touch with the singer who was more than happy to answer our questions regarding the inclusion of her song on the hit TV show.

  1. How long has it been since you released "Bakit Di Totohanin"?

    "It was part of my first album from Star Records entitled Carol. If I'm not mistaken that was year 1997."

  2. Did you ever think you'd have a song featured on a TV series overseas?

    "I think all artists dream of being able to get into the international music scene but to be honest I wasn't expecting this at all. Kaya I'm sobrang surprised and happy about it!"

  3. How did the people from The CW come across your song?

    I really have no idea how they found my song and why they chose my song. Chris Mollere, the Music Supervisor for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals is the one in charge of choosing the music that will be used for each episode. From what I was told at first, there is a scene that takes place in the Philippines. They wanted to set the mood with authentic Filipino music.

  4. Can you walk us through what happened before they told you they'd be using it in a future episode of The Vampire Diaries?

    "I actually got an email inquiry last week of February. The subject title was " Carol Banawa - 'Bakit Di Totohanin' / The Vampire Diaries Ep. 716." As soon as I read that I was thinking, is this some kind of joke? Spam? Scam? I was even scared to open the email baka may virus, haha! But of course I opened it. The person who emailed me was the one in charge of handling music clearance for Chris Mollere. Her name was Micki Stern. She wanted to know who she can contact to get the license to use the song for TVD. She said she couldn't find any other information about it.

    "First thing I did was to research about this person and the other name she mentioned. Everything checked out naman. But still, I was hesistant kasi, why my song? Why Tagalog on a US TV series?

    "So at that point I decided to reply to the email. I told her that I can help her contact the right people who had the license to the song, but before I ended the email, I asked, 'With all due respect, why a Tagalog song?' Then she replied explaining that a scene is set in the Philippines and they wanted to use my song for that.

    "From then on it was all back and forth na with emails. I made sure they got what they needed. Then around Mid-March, Micki said she will inform me if the song will make it to the final editing. After a week, she emailed me that it did and that it will air on April 1st."

  5. Can we expect new music from you in the near future?

    "As of now, wala pa but I did finish a song. I wrote one just recently. I'm still deciding what I will do about it."

Now how's that for cool? Not only did one of your fave TV shows manage to go to your hometown (story-wise, anyway), they also played an OPM song on it. Did you notice the song when you watched the latest episode of TVD? What other TV series have you been watching lately?

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