Here's Why You Need to Watch Girlfriend For Hire ASAP

One of the most beloved Wattpad stories is now on the big screen!
by Danielle Bernabe   |  Feb 11, 2016
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Prepare yourself to feel the same kilig and excitement you felt reading the book that captured the hearts of its 75 million readers on Wattpad! Girlfriend for Hire is now showing in cinemas nationwide. It's really mind blowing to see something as small as a Wattpad story come to real life. All these imagined scenarios you made up in your head while reading the book will now be viewed with your very own two eyes.

Fall in love again with the beautiful story of Nami and Bryle, two of the most unlikely people to fall for each other.

Pretty and hardworking, Nami is an orphan and scholar at Stanford University.

Rich and complicated, Bryle is the arrogant heir to the university and other big establishments.

They couldn't be any more different but opposites attract right? These two also have a lot more in common than they’d like to admit. When they meet, they initially severely dislike each other.


However, fate has another plan for them when they are put into the most unlikely of circumstances to be each other’s pretend boyfriend and girlfriend. Both are now forced to break down their walls and see who each character is behind the façade they put up. Nami and Bryle learn extremely valuable lessons about love, pride, dignity, and forgiveness.

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In this misadventure of love, we'll see how long it'll take for their pretend romance to become a reality. Have extreme feels for their characters as they become bigger than the stereotypes that we initially put them up for.

At first it may come off as another poor girl meets rich boy story but you realize it’s so much more than that. Of course you’ll swoon over the super romantic scenes straight out of a fairytale but you’ll also laugh your heart out at their constant bickering and name calling.


Who knew that being called Tsongo and Jologs could actually sound romantic? This movie gives us a playful and quirky romance to see develop.

This is also the first major movie that stars one of the hottest love teams of today, Yassi Pressman and Andre Paras. Their roles in this movie are far different from the nice and sweet characters they’ve portrayed before. It's really fascinating to see how these two have impressively taken on their roles doing things out of their comfort zone. Their chemistry in this movie is also absolutely insane.

So for all you #Yandre shippers, this movie is a dream come true. The film also features Candy Cuties Josh Padilla and King Certeza! Candy Girls, don’t miss out the chance to see these boys on the big screen!

The movie also features two original songs of Yassi Pressman's which will be stuck in your head for days asking kung seryoso na 'to? It's the perfect movie to either enjoy with you and your girlfriends or something for you to watch with your boyfriend since Valentine's day is just around the corner!


Girlfriend for Hire is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

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