Here's How Miley Cyrus Won Liam Hemsworth Back

Miam for life!
by Janelle Yau   |  Aug 25, 2016
Image: Touchstone Pictures, Offspring Entertainment
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When Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus first dated, Miley was fresh off her Hannah Montana stint, and was just starting to launch a more mature music and movie career. But since their breakup, the world witnessed the dramatic change in Miley's behavior, and mature became a little bit too reckless and sometimes crazy. Bye-bye, Disney and hello, daring costumes, twerking on stage, and sometimes weird tweets and Instagram posts.

Luckily, this year was amazingly good for Miley and Liam, and for their fans, too. They recently got back together, and are going strong! But it looks Miley had to say goodbye to her wild partying and crazy habits to win Liam back.

We strongly believe that no girl should ever change her ways just for a guy, and likewise, Miley's friends were initially concerned about Miley changing her ways for Liam. But hold your horses, Candy Girls because a close source to Miley just told People Magazine that getting back with Liam and her changing behavior are actually good for our favorite star.


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"Miley is a changed person, and she actually seems to enjoy it. She's doing yoga and seems very healthy. She rarely parties and is taking better care of herself, too," the source said. Aww!


We're delighted to see that apart from these two going strong that Liam is a positive influence in Miley's life. Now, all that's left are the wedding bells!

Are you just as happy as we are about these two getting back together?

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