Here are 10 Reasons to Love Lawson Even More

Why all your roads should lead to Lawson.
by Danielle Bernabe   |  Oct 4, 2015
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Lawson is here in the Philippines for the second time! With new music, new hairdos, and tighter jeans, they've come back better than ever. During their press conference, they weren't afraid to reveal a few juicy details about themselves!  These are the 10 things that I found out. 

 1  They're super sweet to their fans.
Getting serenaded by Lawson for breakfast? Sign us up! We asked them for the craziest thing they'd ever done for their fans and Adam said, "During the stops, we literally turned up in someone's house at 6 in the morning and woke them all up and played acoustic for their breakfast." How sweet and thoughtful is that? Moreover, he even said and they all agreed they'd be willing to go even further for their fans. "Just make sure it isn't earlier than 5am," Adam joked. 

 2  But they also try to be sweet to impress the ladies.
These boys try to be suave, emphasis on the word try though. We asked them for the sweetest thing they've ever done to impress a girl and they gave really funny but cute answers. 


Adam: Andy, you write songs!
Andy: Although it’s a sweet thing, it's also my way out of trouble. If I ever get myself in trouble with a girl, which is a lot, I write her a song. I go "I wrote this for you, and she’d be like Ohmygod you’re amazing! And I’d be like Oh it only took me five minutes. That was a joke of course but what is the sweetest thing I’ve ever done for a girl? Oh Joel, you're quite romantic, aren't you? You like to cook." 
Joel: Yeah, yeah but they're not impressed. I don’t think we're doing a very good job here. Cooking dinner is just a basic necessity of life. 
Adam: "Netflix and chill. You can never go wrong with that.”" (cue laughter from the whole band and the audience) 
Ryan: "I was trying to be sweet with my ex. I sent some flowers that never actually made it... I've tried many times but it always fails. So yeah, never again. "

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 3  You can ask Joel to dance with a catch.
Want a buddy on the dance floor? Give Joel a call. The host of the event later asked them who the best dancer was. They all automatically agreed on Joel. Although Andy remarked you'd have to get a couple of beers in him first. 


 4  But you can never get Ryan on the dance floor.
Asked who the worst dancer was, Ryan remarked "I'd happily say me." To which Andy said "Well, yeah I've never actually seen  you dance." Ryan just laughed and said, "There's a reason no one's ever seen me dance." The  whole audience then proceeded to get him to dance but he refused. One day Ryan, one day!

 5  The way they made their new album is so adorable.
When asked for their most memorable moments while making the album, they all gave such aww-worthy answers.

Joel: "There were loads of moments... At the end of the day, we'd sit in the car and drive back to the house we were staying at. We'd play the song and like every time we were like, we need to go back to the car and turn it all around. There were so many times we played the song and we were like, this is amazing!"
Ryan: "I think my favorite part was Joel had his owns section, like upstairs to record the guitar parts which was dangerous. We'd record most of the song, and then Joel would take it upstairs to his little studio and come up with new guitar parts and stuff. That was my favorite part when he'd come back downstairs with the song we hadn't heard yet. And it would go the next level sometimes way too far."
Joel: "A lot of the time way too far. It was like the Johnny B. Good scene from Back to the future. "


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 6  They're not afraid to share their embarrassing moments.
When asked if there were embarrassing moments on or off stage, none of them even hesitated to saying yes. Andy even remarked it happens every day and then proceeded to tell the story how his zipper was open the whole day yesterday. Meanwhile, Adam had no shame of talking about a gig he went to where he was drunk. He said though, that this was long before they were signed, and it’s never happened again. 

 7  They have some serious love for the Filipino fans.
Ryan said that out of all the shows they've played, he could safely say that their Eastwood mall show was in their top 3 most favorite shows. The rest of the band agreed, and also said it amazed them how much support they've been getting from here. They've also wanted to come back here for the longest time so they're really happy to be here again.
 8  They know almost everything about themselves.
Joel: "I think we know everything about each other."
Andy: "Yeah, I think we do."
Joel: "Maybe not just the really dark secrets about Ryan. Only Ryan knows that."
Ryan *nervous laughter*
Andy: "We've been a band for so long. It's like 6 years. So, we pretty much know each other inside out and how to annoy each other as well, how to push each other’s buttons. So maybe there is  still stuff, some things to find out. Maybe we'll find out on this trip. Who knows?"



 9  They're not the most prepared band but that's what makes their shows amazing.
When asked about if they have any pre-show rituals, this what Andy had to say.

Andy: "We don't prepare ourselves for gigs at all. Like sometimes, we actually have a moment to ourselves before we go on stage where we're all like 'we're about to go on stage with 20,000 people here, I'm like, we literally don't even know what song we're starting on.' We play together so often we'll just go on stage and be like what song should we do? What song should we play?"
Adam: "But that's the great freedom of playing in a band. We have the freedom to just kinda play what we want, put some solos in, and kind of just rock out and enjoy it. That's the great thing being in a band like ours."


 10  Their best music is yet to come.
For our last question, we asked if there was only one song of theirs that their fans would remember, what song would it be? 

Andy: "I think probably some of the best music is about to come, to be honest. There's a song in the new album which I probably can’t say the name of, but it’s my favorite track I've ever written. "
Ryan: "Give her the initials of the song SO later on, they'll all know what you're talking about. "
Andy: "'W.M.L.G.' That's my favorite song I’ve ever written. You'll probably hear that next year."

So watch out, Candy Girls! Lawson is back and here to stay with even greater hair, greater shows, and even better music! Here's hoping all your roads now and in the future will lead to Lawson.

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