4 Things K-Pop Fans Can Relate To After Watching The K-Drama 'Her Private Life'

What's 'savings?' We only know 'merch.'
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Jan 26, 2020
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A lot of people cringe when they find out that someone is a fangirl or a fanboy, but TBH, being a fan is serious work that takes relentless dedication. If you’ve been a fan of actors or artists at some point in you’re life, you’ll definitely relate to the premise of this K-drama.

Her Private Life stars Park Min Young, who plays Sung Deok Mi, and Kim Jae Wook, who plays Ryan Gold, and is about an art museum curator who leads a double life as a fangirl—specifically as a fanpage master—for K-Pop idol Cha Shi An, played by real-life idol/rapper One. While we don’t all run fan accounts for our favorite groups or get to meet our idols IRL (We wish!), there is still PLENTY of relatable content about fangirling from this K-drama.

What’s ‘savings?’ We only know ‘merch.’

From posters of your idols to something as tiny as keychains, the fans NEED to own them. You’d save up your allowance just in time for the comeback so you could buy their new album which you'll never dare play, either because you don't own a CD player or because you don't want to ruin the CD's pristine condition. You'll listen on YouTube or Spotify anyway, but it's just nice to own a physical copy. Sometimes, it’s also nice to have photo cards of our idols carefully stashed in our wallets to inspire us to save our money for better things, aka more merch.

Knowing what branded or designer items your idols are wearing.

In the early episodes of the show, one of the characters, Sindy, spread fake rumors that Cha Shi An was dating Deok Mi because she was wearing a limited-edition high-end jacket similar to what the K-pop idol owned. Much like Sindy, eagle-eyed fans are quick to dig for more info about a certain outfit their idols wore and even have fan accounts dedicated to idols’ outfits alone.

We know you’ve tried recreating their stylish looks at least once!

Making ‘mutuals’ within the same fanbase.

TBH, fangirling or fanboying is not as fun when you do it alone. Fandoms usually have their own online communities or meet on social media, like Twitter, where they bond over their common love for their idols, just like the main character’s fansite for her idol Cha Shi An.

And just as how Deok Mi has her best friend Sun Joo by her side, that one meme you saw about your fave group or that stunning fancam of your bias are better appreciated when you have someone to do it with.


Getting inspired by your idols.

An entire day filled with classes, meetings, and projects can be draining AF, but it makes you feel excited to end your day knowing you can watch performance videos of your favorite groups on your way home or before snoozing off.

Seeing them work so hard on stage to give us an A+ performance (and knowing that they dedicated YEARS of intensive training to be idols) makes you feel motivated to get an A+ in your classes, too.

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