This New Fantasy Book Lets You Choose How The Story Ends

If you loved the mind-bending interactive Netflix thriller Bandersnatch, you'll love Helios Trials.
by Mica Del Leon for Summit books   |  Apr 25, 2020
Image: Courtesy of Summit Books
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Books have always been our way to go on astonishing adventures without leaving the comforts—and safety!—of our own homes.

If you loved the mind-bending interactive Netflix thriller Bandersnatch, or if you’re a ‘90s kid who grew up on Choose Your Own Adventure, then you will love Pop Fiction’s The Ceyla Chronicles: Helios Trials. 

Let’s count down the reasons:

You choose how the story ends.

That’s right. You don’t just read about Ceyla Ward’s adventures. As in the Black Mirror special, you get to decide how the main character’s story will end. With fourteen different endings, the stakes are high for Ceyla. Choose wisely. Your choices may lead her safely back home or to certain death at the claws of the most fearsome monsters of Helios.

You can visit interesting new places.

The magical world of Helios, Ceyla’s home, is a vast land, and much of which is yet to be explored. In Helios Trials, you can explore Helios Lake and the ruins hidden underneath it, the Great Mountains and the fiery dangers within, and the Sugarloaf Mountains and all their dangerous Fae magic.


The protagonist is a badass female detective who follows no rules—only her heart.

Ceyla Ward is the gun-toting, dagger-wielding, half-Fae detective who solves magical crimes and mysteries happening in her world. And she’s just 5” tall. What’s more badass than that?

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The book is written by three talented Filipino authors.

Sielalstreim, Miss_Maple, and Hraefn are three talented female authors who made a name for themselves in the Pop Fiction world with their own fantasy series—Montello High, Wonderland Magical Academy, and Never Wake The Demon. They collaborated in the creation of this unique and mind-bending story with multiple endings. 

You interact with astonishing creatures like faeries, demons, and mermaids.

Helios is a hidden magical world where different creatures try to live together in peace. In Helios Trials, you’ll meet Witches, Demons, Angels, Mermaids, the occasional Vampires and Werewolves, and a different breed of Human with a little bit of magic running through their veins. 


Grab your e-book copy of The Ceyla Chronicles: Helios Trials on Shopify and Lazada’s Summit Books shop for only P165.

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