Having A Moment: Michelle Chamuel of The Voice

by Dyan Zarzuela   |  May 30, 2013
PHOTO Tyler Golden/NBC
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You know who's one of the best reasons to tune in to The Voice? Michelle Chamuel, The Girl Who Won’t Sing Still.

She first caught my eye at the blind auditions with "I Kissed A Girl." I thought, what is this crazy, eye-popping energy and where can I get some for myself? She admits that nerves got the best of her at first, but she quickly regained her composure. Girl got three chairs to turn and picked Usher.

I thought she was going to go with Adam because he turned around first and he’s got voodoo convincing skillz. But I’m so glad she picked Usher because it’s been a perfect match so far. She has delivered must-watch performances week after week. At rehearsals, she’s a must-watch, too—who could forget that time she did push-ups with Usher and then launched into her song of the week without missing a beat? Dang, gurl. Ikaw na.

Forgive the quality but this is the only clip I could find. Skip to 1:19 for Michelle.

Then at the knockout rounds, she completely won me over with "Raise Your Glass." That was some super charged (but controlled) shiznit. Talk about knocking out your opponent.

At the live playoffs, she slowed things down with "True Colors," proving that she can do vulnerable and contemplative, too. The following week (the latest ep I saw), it was time for "a different kind of movement." I squealed when I realized she was doing "Call Your Girlfriend."

Now Robyn's original is untouchable, but Michelle did the song justice. Oh, and like Robyn, she's got signature moves already: Open the Jacket, Squat and Belt, and Sort of Split. I loff it (say it ala Icona Pop—WAIT, what if she does Icona Pop, too???).


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