Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Have More Things In Common Than You Thought

Haylor will never go out of style, and these photos are here to prove that.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 1, 2015
PHOTOS SYCO Music/Ivory Music & Video, Facebook (Taylor Swift)
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Remember when One Direction cutie Harry Styles and pop singer Taylor Swift dated back in December 2012 until January 2013? And remember when their romance supposedly gave birth to some (or most?) songs in 1989? Well, some people may have found it hard to believe that Haylor is over. There are days when we can't, too, because Harry and Tay-Tay just looked too good together. So when someone tipped us off and brought this Twitter account @taylorsharry to our attention, we just had to tell you all about it. We found the funniest sets of photos proving that the two have more things in common than we thought. Don't believe us? Scroll down and be amused. Hee hee.

 1  When they pranced their way to cuteness.

 2  Those times when they both made the same comeback.

 3  When they fell in love with a letter in the alphabet and used that letter to make a ~profound~ caption on Instagram. Twinsies in alliteration, you guys.


 4  When they expressed shock.

 5  When they bought a similar pair of booties. You guys, glitters!

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 6  That time they decided to make a family. LOLJK! They have the same fondness for babies.

 7  When they both decided to walk away from Kendall Jenner. Aww.

 8  That time they thought cheese was perfect... even for #OOTDs.

 9  When they were on the same team.

 10  Those moments when the "man bun" was totally their thing. 

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 11  When they were ballerinas in their past lives.

 12  When the flower crown was their go-to hair accessory.

 13  When they got tummy ache and made the same face. Hee hee hee.

 14  Those moments onstage when they found peace in their hearts.

 15  And that time they knew that the mermaid was a constant in both their lives.

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