Did You Know? Han So Hee Drew Her Character's Artworks for 'Nevertheless' Herself

She's actually an art major in real life!
by Jam Nitura for Preview.ph   |  Jul 1, 2021
Image: Netflix/Nevertheless
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Han So Hee is once again stealing the limelight with yet another steamy K-drama. Riding off the groundbreaking success of her 2020 JTBC series The World of the Married, the 26-year-old is stepping into the leading lady role this time around as lovestruck college student Yoo Na-bi on Netflix’s Nevertheless, alongside Song Kang.

Considering she plays an art major on the show, we’re sure you’ve taken notice of the gorgeous drawings her character, Na-bi, is seen occasionally working on during her scenes. While common sense may lead us to believe a staff member or a hired artist created the actual pieces for the actress behind-the-scenes, that’s entirely not the case for this one. You guessed it. As it turns out, it was So Hee who drew the sketches on Na-bi’s notebook herself!

han so hee art
PHOTO BY Netflix
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The actress, who graduated from university with an art degree, shared this cool tidbit during a recent press conference for Nevertheless. According to her, apart from the illustrations we see her doodling over at Na-bi’s college, we can also catch a glimpse of So Hee’s past works hung around her character’s house. Because she didn’t specify which exact artworks are hers in the series, it’s definitely going to be fun for viewers to pick them out while watching the upcoming episodes.

han so hee nevertheless
PHOTO BY Netflix
han so hee nevertheless
PHOTO BY Netflix

Apart from her natural knack for art, it seems So Hee is a lot like her character in other aspects as well, at least in the eyes of the show’s producer, Kim Ga Ram. As per Ga Ram, no one else was in the running for both Na-bi and Jae-eon (Song Kang’s character) but the two stars themselves. “When I read the original webtoon I just thought about So Hee and Song Kang,” she revealed. “It seems like I’m lying, but I really thought of them the first moment I saw the webtoon, so I really tried hard to cast them because they’re the hottest rising stars [now]. They’re very busy so I had to ask them multiple times to work together with me on this. Thankfully both of them really liked the webtoon.”


So Hee, for her part is more humble about her similarities with Na-bi. When asked to quantify just how in-sync she thinks she is with her character, she replied with a safe 50%. Speaking on Na-bi’s ambiguous budding relationship with Jae-eon, So Hee shared, “Na-bi knows that this is a dangerous relationship but she falls into it anyway. In the past, I would have acted like Na-bi, but now that I’ve been through that, I kind of resonate with Na-bi but I feel sorry for her, too. So I don’t think I’m in sync with Na-bi 100%.” 

Nevertheless is currently ongoing. You can stream new episodes of the show exclusively on Netflix.

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