Fans Are SO Kilig Over Gwy Saludes' Super Sweet Message for Her "Arkin" Miguel Alonto

by The Candy Staff   |  Nov 13, 2021
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Gwy Saludes—author, YouTuber, and content creator, among many other thingsjust dropped a 17-minute short film about the story of Via and Arkin from the Golden Series of Tomorrow, a romantic tale under her University Series on Wattpad—and we're NOT fine. Produced under O/C Records, the said video is narrated by Gwy herself and made use of Gwy's own tracks, such as "Ginintuang Tanawin", "Kahel Na Langit", and "My Favorite Movie".

The video is a dream come true and an absolute treat for fans, not only because they get to see their favorite love story come to life, but also because the popular Wattpad and published author made an effort to bring her words from the pages to real life. On Insta, Gwy shared that the entire team had to stay up for more than 24 hours to finish filming, but that everything was worth it!

Aside from seeing Avianna Diaz and Larkin Sanchez, aka Via and Arkin, *in the flesh*, what got fans' hearts even more thrilled is one of the stars of the short film—Miguel Luis Alonto, aka the guy who portrayed Arkin and Gwy's *special* someone.


On Instagram, both Gwy and Miguel posted the sweetest tributes for each other after the release of the Golden Scenery of Tomorrow. On his Instagram, Miguel posted an Instagram Reels showcasing some raw moments between him and Gwy, accompanied by a heartfelt and romantic voice-over dedicated to her. Like Gwy, Miguel has his own way with words and you can't tell us they're not meant for each other! In the video, Miguel says, "It's crazy to think how much one person can really turn your life around, and it's even crazier to think that I found minesomeone who showed me the light in the darkness, and someone who made me feel like we were the stars of our own world."

Gwy, on the other hand, shared a loving note for Miguel—her real-life Arkinon her own Insta, along with some candid BTS shots from the shoot. "To my love, my arkin. I don’t know if I would be able to put into words how grateful I am for you," Gwy wrote. 

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She went on to thank Miguel for accepting this ~iconic~ but challenging role and for giving it his all despite the struggles. "Thank you for accepting this hard job and role. I know it was hard for you because you’re not used to being in the ~ spotlight ~ but you still did it for me, for us. I saw how tired you were during the shoot but you never gave up. You passed out around 5 am, but still continued to shoot the next morning." Don't mind us, we'll just dissolve into a puddle of *kilig* over here.

In case you haven't watched it yet, Catch the Golden Scenery of Tomorrow short film here:


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