Guilty Pleasures You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About

Candy's Assistant Entertainment Editor joins the team once again as its first ever TV columnist! Read on and expect an update every week.
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Jan 3, 2013
photos courtesy of The CW/ETC, BBC, E!, Showtime
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My name is Dyan and I am a TV junkie. Welcome to my gratuitous dump of feels. Half-kidding! It's funny, I handle Candy's entertainment section (plus the guy pages, too), but I'd never seen myself as a TV columnist. I've always thought of columnists as great, wise men and women clacking away their opinions. I'm neither great nor wise, and I do not clack, but I do have opinions. And one particular bone I want to pick is our obsession with guilty pleasures. If it makes you happy and it's not hurting anyone, why should you feel guilty about it? It's. All. Right. Inspired by Glamour's "Hey, It's Okay" section (God bless Glamour's sense of humor), here's my own list.

Hey, it's okay...

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