#GRAMMYs: What the TV Cameras Might Have Missed

These Vine videos and GIFs are making us LOL hard while watching the Grammy Awards 2015!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 9, 2015
PHOTO Vine (screengrab)
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These posts on Vine and Twitter are making us LOL while watching this year's Grammy Awards. Stars, they're really just like the rest of us.

 1  Pharrell Williams judging Taylor Swift's dance moves during the show.

Or maybe he was just amused?

 2  Jamie Foxx's daughter who wasn't digging AC/DC's performance to open the Grammys.

Not her jam, obviously. Somebody give this little girl another performance.

 3  Pharrell who's still awkward after all these years.

Doesn't he look like a little boy in that #OOTD?

 4  Josh Duhamel tripped and was still perfect.


 5  Haim feeling the show like their pal, T-Swizzle.

These girls should have sat with their girl friend, so they can all party like it's 1989 © Taylor Swift.


 6  Tay predicted the future...

What else do you know, Tay? Tell us now.

 7  And was best in audience participation. As usual.

We think everyone expected this. Girl is obvs feeling it.

 8  Kanye West thought he was part of Beck's crew.

Oh, Kanye. Thank you for letting him finish. :P

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