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Got What It Takes to be Always Ready for Star Magic? Take Your Cue from Liza Soberano

Be #AlwaysReady for the spotlight with these tips!
Got What It Takes to be Always Ready for Star Magic? Take Your Cue from Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano is undeniably one of the biggest stars right now. She has been the talk of the town for quite some time already, and why wouldn't she be? She has a refreshing personality, clear skin, and confidence, which are all worthy of everyone's attention. Even some of the biggest artists from the international music industry find her attractive! Plus, she made so many headlines, most especially during a recently concluded event.

If you want to turn heads like Liza and be the next big thing in the local scene, here are a few tips you may want to take notes of: 

1. Dress the part.

Want to earn an A+ in the fashion department without breaking the bank? Just cop Liza's OOTDs. Here are a few of her looks you can recreate using the clothes you already have in your closet. Here's a tip inspired by Liza: dressing simply can look great when matched with confidence.

2. Always look your best.

Liza is known to sport the most flawless beauty looks ever. Unlike other actresses who put on too much makeup, she just enhances her natural features and takes really good care of her skin. Her secret? She uses Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Wash for her day and night cleansing.

3. Improve your craft.

Having a pretty face may help you get into the world of showbiz, but your talents will ultimately dictate how long you'll stay in the industry. Just like Liza, who underwent acting workshops and personality development, you should also improve your craft by enrolling in special classes, watching tutorials on YouTube, or asking someone to be your mentor. You'll never know when a big break will come knocking on your door, so best be prepared!

4. Seize every opportunity.

Did you know that Liza starred opposite a famous Star Magic love team a few times before proving herself worthy of the limelight? If she hadn't said yes to those minor roles, she wouldn't be the star she is now. It took a lot of courage and positivity for her to persist until she made her dreams come true.

Like Liza, over 1,200 Filipina teens made a courageous step towards fulfilling their dreams by joining Clean & Clear’s #StarMagicReady promo, a nationwide search in partnership with Star Magic. Out of all the girls who sent in their photo entries, Angela Gabrielle H. Valencia, Angela R. Gonzales, Marijoe V. Condes, and Twittle Mheel D. Dizon were chosen to take part in the Star Magic Workshop this November. With Clean & Clear and Star Magic's help, they will surely have the confidence they need to follow Liza's footsteps and allow themselves to shine.

Like Liza and the four lucky winners—plus the help of Clean & Clear—you too can develop clear skin and the confidence to be #AlwaysReady for the next big opportunity. Keep your eyes (and your heart!) open to these once-in-a-lifetime chances.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Clean & Clear.