Google Lens Now Lets You Copy-Paste Handwritten Notes To Your Computer

Perfect if you're too lazy to type!
by Francesca Pangilinan   |  May 12, 2020
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We all have that one classmate who’s too tamad to jot down notes. Instead, they take pics of what’s on the board or borrow their seatmate’s notes. Well, if that happens to be you, then you’ll definitely like Google Lens’ new feature which finally allows users to copy handwritten notes and paste them as text to a computer. Pretty helpful if you’re working on a paper!

In case you haven't heard of Google Lens, it's an image recognition technology that helps you identify people, places, and things. Aside from that, it also scans and translates text. While it’s already able to copy text from an image and have it pasted to your phone, Google Lens is leveling up by adding the “copy to computer” feature.

The catch: you need readable handwriting so it’s easier for Google Lens to scan the text! Plus, you have to make sure your phone and laptop are both signed in to the same Google account. This way, you can copy and paste notes to your preferred device. Don’t forget to update your Chrome browser, too!


There’s also a “Listen” feature that reads aloud your handwritten text. Your Google Lens can also suggest search results when you highlight words or phrases from your notes. Basically, you’ll have no excuse to skip a review sesh. LOL!

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Google Lens is available on iOS and Android devices.


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