Good Luck Charlie's Bridgit Mendler

Bridgit Mendler talks about babysitting, being the ultimate prankster, and her new show Good Luck Charlie!
  |  Aug 28, 2010
photo courtesy of The Disney Channel (Good Luck Charlie)
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On being Teddy Duncan on Good Luck Charlie. "My character in Good Luck Charlie, Teddy is a middle kid in a family of four kids in the Duncan family. She’s more of the responsible one. There are 2 daughters, there’s the baby and me. She has to deal with the antics of her 2 brothers a lot of the time and she’s often put on babysitting duty. She’s a caretaker among the siblings. She likes helping out. She’s a little bit of a perfectionist but it goes a long way when she has to be responsible."

On her similarities with Teddy. "Teddy is a really energetic kid, she’s responsible and fun. I can relate to her energy and her spunkiness. She’s a little bit more of a perfectionist than I am. That would be our main difference. She’s also kind of a nerdy dancer, which I can definitely be. We have that common."


On playing Teddy. "I have one sibling. It’s a little bit different having four but you know I’m the older sibling so a lot of the time I also get the more responsible position. I think I’m a little bit more laidback than Teddy is. She has to have it her way a lot of the time but I think I’m more okay with it not being my way. She’s a really fun character for me to play."

What she likes about babysitting. "I think it’s fun! Being around little kids is great. I remember about a year ago, I went over to a friend’s house. We weren’t planning on this at all but the neighborhood kids kind of passed by. We wound up just hanging out with them for the whole afternoon, playing in the leaves and with sidewalk chalk. It’s great hanging around little kids because they’re really energetic and they have great imagination. And that kind of rubs off on you when you’re around them."

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Her tips on babysitting. "I think the main thing in babysitting, it’s important to make sure you’re definitely being responsible and you’re doing activities with the kids that are safe and that are fun for them. And keeping them entertained so that they don’t get bored. Kids start acting out sometimes when they’re bored. So definitely keeping them entertained is good."

The difference between a soap (she first starred in General Hospital) and her current show Good Luck Charlie. "They both shoot on stages. Those roles were pretty similar. After I worked on General Hospital, I worked on movies and that was a totally different environment. So going back to Good Luck Charlie was pretty similar. There’s a live audience on Good Luck Charlie, which is different from General Hospital. They don’t have that there. And as far as my characters go, the one on General Hospital only had 6 lines and so she wasn’t a really developed character. She was also in a dream sequence. I think my Good Luck Charlie character is a little bit older and a little bit more mature. Teddy wouldn’t yell at her mom like the character in General Hospital would."


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