Gillian Vicencio Once Got an Undercut, All for a Role

She's g for anything!
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Dec 13, 2020
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Many of today's promising stars start out early in the industry as child actors. Some, however, start a bit later than that, only to realize that acting is what they're meant to be doing all along. The latter seems to fit newcomer Gillian Vicencio who, prior to landing an iconic role in Four Sisters Before the Wedding as Alex Salazar (previously protrayed by the Angel Locsin), has already been impressing the public with a variety of applause-worthy roles

Curious about Gillian? Here are a few things you should know about her:

Gillian is a Taurus.

Gillian was born on April 23, which means that she's a Taurus! Tauruses are dedicated and determined when it comes to their craft, they tackle things head-on, which seems just about right when it comes to Gillian's outlook on her acting career. 

Gillian loves to cook.

The aspiring actress has her heart set for food. She took up Culinary Arts in college and her first (and only video so far!) on her YouTube channel is a cooking vlog. She's also a sucker for Japanese food. Aside from cooking, one of Gillian's other hobbies is reading manga! She'd choose it over books and movies any time.

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Gillian started out as a commercial model.

Before becoming a full-time actress, Gillian was originally a commercial model. According to her, the only experience she's ever had with acting prior to her first role was through the commercials she's starred in. Spot her in this kilig ad for Selecta Cornetto's Conefessions.

Gillian's first acting role was in Mikhail Red's Eerie.

Speaking of acting, Gillian's cinematic debut was in Mikhail Red's film Eerie where she starred alongside big names in the industry like Bea Alonzo, Charo Santos-Concio, and Jake Cuenca. For her role in the film, Gillian tried a little bit of method acting to bring her character's story (a ghost who's been trapped for so long in the school where the movie takes place) to life. She did so by isolating herself, "para maramdaman ko na wala akong friend, ever, na tinakwil ako ng lahat," she says in an interview with Star Cinema.


Gillian is part of Star Magic Circle.

Gillian was launched as part of the promising batch of Star Magic Circle 2019. Her batch mates include other rising stars like Kyle Echarri, Jeremiah Lisbo, and her Four Sisters Before the Wedding co-star Belle Mariano.

Gillian's acting influence is Bea Alonzo.

After working with her on Eerie, Gillian has nothing but admiration and praises for actress Bea Alonzo. She even considers her her acting influence and would love to work with her again in the future, if she was given the chance. On her first time meeting Bea on set, Gillian shares, "Siyempre noong una ko siyang nakita, hiyang hiya ako, tapos nakipag-beso, yung mga ganon, siyempre 'di ba Bea Alonzo, nabeso ko?" How cute can she get?

Aside fom Bea, Gillian also looks up to her other co-stars Jake Cuenca, Rio Locsin, and Mary Joy Apostol. On a related note, she's also a huge fangirl of James Reid and especially of Daniel Padilla. She dreams of working on a film together with Daniel one day.


Gillian is an outdoorsy person.

Gillian dubs herself as a "taong gala" and says that she loves going out instead of staying home. One of her favorite spots to travel to is the beach. If it wasn't for the pandemic, Gillian would have been out and about in plenty of adventures.

Gillian is game for anything when it comes to roles.

From starring in two horror films and working on an action drama, Gillian seems like she's down to try whatever it takes for her roles. Aside from trying out method acting in Eerie, she even had to get an undercut for the action series Kargo because her character was a rebellious 17-year-old who had connections with gangs. "Nung sinabi sa akin na kung okay lang daw ba sa akin magpa-undercut, sabi ko, g lang, sobrang g ako kasi gusto ko nga talaga ng maikling hair," she shares in an interview.


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