Gil Cuerva on Relationships, Dating, and the Things You Should Stop Posting Online

Because this Candy Cutie is starring in the My Love from the Star remake!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Dec 12, 2016
Image: Mark Jesalva, SBS
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By now you've already heard the announcement that Filipino-Spanish model and Candy Cutie Gil Cuerva is going to play the role of Matteo Do, which was originally given life by Kim Soo Hyun, in the Philippine remake of My Love from the Star alongside Jennylyn Mercado who'll be playing Steffi Cheon. (via

We can't help but feel proud, so we decided to share a few things from Gil's interview last year at our Candy Cuties shoot.

How will a girl know that a guy is just a nightmare dressed like a daydream?

"If the guy already has a reputation for being a cheater. And if he's really mean and disrespectful from the start, that means he's just trouble."

How can a girl deal with a mean guy?

"Just be upfront and tell the guy that she doesn't appreciate what he's doing. Guys prefer that girls are straightforward rather than beating around the bush."


What are the most common mistakes guys make in a relationship?

"Some guys forget to introduce their girlfriends to their closest bros. I'm no relationship expert, but I'd like to think that girls would appreciate their boyfriends introducing them to their friends because it shows just how proud the guy is to have that girl as his girlfriend."

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Wat are the most important lessons you learned about love from family and friends?

"Love is all about compassion, commitment, and always being there for the person no matter what. If you really love someone, you'd do your best to understand the person and stay loyal to her."

What are the most common things people should stop posting online?

"Stop posting pictures of you when you're drunk. There isn't anything wrong with sharing photos from parties, but avoid posting those that would make you look too wild."

Are you as excited as we are to see Gil in My Love from the Star? Let's talk in the comments or via Twitter @candymagdotcom. We always love hearing from you. :)

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