Get Closer to Never The Strangers

Our Correspondents get to know the boys of Never The Strangers.
by JB Jance, Jojo Armenta   |  Apr 17, 2012
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Love for music is what brought them together. Ace, PJ, JP, and Francis are the four members of the newest OPM band in town called Never the Strangers. These four fresh college grads from Ateneo de Manila University were discovered by Rico Blanco through MySpace. Inspired by new wave rock and alternative music, Never the Strangers offers a new style of music to the local industry.

To even get closer to Never the Strangers, we had the opportunity to interview them one-on-one and these are the 5 things that we found out about them.

  1. “Never the Strangers” means bringing people closer together. For them, it’s hard to find for somebody who doesn’t love music and as they define the meaning behind the name of their band, they want to bring people together through their music and the message of their songs and become strangers no more.
  2. Their passion for music is their common ground. Even though Ace, Francis, PJ, and JP have their own interests and hobbies, their love for music basically served as their common ground. They all met in college and that’s where they started as a band.
  3. Mixed sources of inspiration. Ace, the lead vocalist of the band, usually gets inspiration from listening to lots of local and foreign acts. While PJ and Francis get inspired by their own experiences and different situations they find themselves in. Meanwhile, JP, the lead guitarist of the band gets his inspiration out of curiosity, and by trying out possibilities.
  4.  Dream collaborations. Other than playing their own music, Never the Strangers also dreams of working with other music icons. Gloc-9, Urbandub, Johnny Alegre, Up Dharma Down, and Sleepwalk Circus are some of the artists they want to work with. Their music definitely cannot be categorized into one genre. They try to mix and create a different sound—just like their dream collaborations, from rap to alternative rock to jazz.
  5. They are balanced people. With their blossoming career, Ace, Francis, PJ and JP always make time for themselves. If they’re not writing their own music or playing at their gigs they usually play basketball, futsal, or simply read books and just have fun. Also, they are very much entertained with Zombies. 

Grab a copy of their self-titled album, Never the Strangers released under Warner Music.

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