Remember That Time Georgina Wilson Appeared on the Cover of Candy?

#Throwback to when this model appeared on the cover of Candy 10 years ago!
by   |  May 2, 2016
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Model and one of the country's It Girls, Georgina Wilson got married over the weekend to Arthur Burnand in Winchester, England.

We felt happy for the lovely couple and started reminiscing about that time George appeared on the cover of Candy's January-February 2006 issue. That's a decade ago! Here's a little throwback to her earlier days as a model and what most people probably didn't know about her at that time.

Georgina Wilson

1. She grew up on a farm.

"I was born in Kansas, USA, but we moved to Yorkshire England when I was only a few months old. It's a very provincial town and it was really isolated—the nearest city was 30 minutes away. I lived in a big house, I had horses, my next-door neighbor was a farmer, and I'd watch him milk cows! It was such a nice place to grow up in."


2. Her first few months in the Philippines were tough.

"I was 10 when my family moved here. When you live in England, you don't realize you have an accent, so when I got here, I thought, why does everyone speak differently? My classmates made fun of me because of my accent. I really wanted to fit in so after a month, I dropped my accent. I also had to learn to speak Tagalog from scratch. Now, I can understand mostly everything except for some weird words that totally throw me off!"

3. Her siblings are her best friends.

"I have a younger brother, Sam, and a younger sister, Jess. We're really close and we all hang out together. I live right next to my cousins Bel and Ava who are like my siblings too. We sleep over at each other's houses all the time. I have so much fun with them!"

4. She used to be a camera-shy.

"I got a lot of offers to model when I was younger but I never said yes because that wasn't the path I wanted to take. When I was approached by Pond's, I thought I'd give it a try because it's a product I really use. If not for that, I wouldn't be modeling today. I wasn't really game to have my picture taken, and at first I was hesitant to have photo shoots. But now I super love it!"

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5. She's a whiz at studying.

"It's so true that studying just a bit every day really pays off. During final exams, I'm never the one cramming. I don't feel I'm exceptionally intelligent, I just work hard—and anybody can work hard. For a final exam in accounting, I sat down in the library and studied for nine hours straight! Okay, maybe that's exaggerated, but if you sit down and study for a few hours without drifting away, it really makes a difference. It's also important to take notes because sometimes, what the teacher says is different from the textbook."

6. She's self-confessed shopaholic.

"I super love shopping. It's my therapy. It compensates for all the studying I do in school. I don't just enjoy shopping for myself, I love shopping for other people too. When I'm online, I look at the fashion websites to see what Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan, and Nicole Richie are wearing because I love the way they dress. I think one of my New Year's resolutions should be stop spending money on my clothes. I really have to control myself!"


7. She's addicted to coffee and music.

"I love coffee—it's my comfort drink. I like the cold stuff mostly because it's so hot here! I'm also obsessed with music. I know what new songs are out and if I like a certain song, I'll play it over and over again. Right now, I'm loving the new Madonna CD and I swear, I've memorized everything already!"

8. She surrounds herself with positive people.

"I like being with people who are successful and who rely on themselves. When you surround yourself with people who are driven and passionate about what they do, it rubs off on you. When you’re with people who are as excited about life as you are, you can share ideas."

This first appeared in the Jan-Feb 2006 issue of Candy. Best wishes, Georgina!

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