8 Fun Facts You Need to Know About Fashion Vlogger Chelsea Valencia

In a nutshell, this 22-year-old is a young entrepreneur, fashion lover, and comforting 'ate' all in one.
by Leika Golez   |  Feb 11, 2022
Image: Instagram/chelsvalencia
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If you’re stuck in a creative rut, YouTube is the best place to go. From chill lifestyle content to informative travel vlogs, the video platform gives us the opportunity to draw inspiration from many Gen Z artists and creators. 

But amidst all the trendy personalities in the space, lifestyle vlogger Chelsea Valencia is a real breath of fresh air. Her channel currently boasts 75,000 loyal subscribers, and it’s not hard to understand why a lot of fellow girls can relate to her. In a nutshell, this 22-year-old is a young entrepreneur, fashion lover, and comforting ate all in one. 

Sounds interesting so far? Below, we’ve listed down 8 fast facts you need to know about Chelsea Valencia: 

Chelsea has her own fashion business. 

Although Chelsea’s only in her early twenties, she has already launched her very own clothing brand! Launched as a passion project in 2021, OAK LA VIE is a minimalist clothing store that carries caps, tote bags, and t-shirts in chic neutral tones. Bonus trivia: Before OAK LA VIE, Chelsea already had an online ukay store on Instagram called Oak PH. But because she has always dreamt of crafting her own designs, she decided to pursue building her own fashion brand instead. She’s also very honest with her viewers about the challenges of running your own business during a pandemic, so we recommend aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from her vlogs!  

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Chelsea has a super #aesthetic room. 

We can’t deny that Chelsea has an eye for style, even when it comes to interior design. Just last month, she posted a video of what her finished room looks like after nearly two years of redecorating and renovating. JSYK, it took her two years to complete her room because she wanted to be matipid with her room makeover budget. Like her fashion style, her room is minimalistic, creative, and understated. We especially love that her elegant furniture is still very functional! 

Chelsea has the best ukay tips. 

As a self-proclaimed thrifty gal, Chelsea prefers buying her clothes from ukay stores. Her channel is a treasure trove of thrift hauls, shop-with-me vlogs, and outfit lookbooks that are both soothing and informative. This girl can make a 10-peso piece look like the hottest designer item with the right kind of styling. We swear—just a single video of Chelsea’s will give you loads of fashion tips and style inspo for your next OOTD. 


Chelsea’s not afraid to experiment with beauty looks. 

Since the start of the quarantine, Chelsea has taken an experimental approach towards styling her makeup and hair. One time, she even tried giving herself a haircut with wispy front bangs! Spoiler alert: She ended up disliking the way she looked afterwards, but it was all worth it because of the funny vlog content, LOL. Even then, she didn’t shy away from trying out more beauty trends like hair highlights and colored eyeliner. 

Chelsea’s YouTube videos are filmed spontaneously. 

In a previous Cosmo.ph interview with Chelsea, she mentions that she doesn’t really have a specific thought process when conceptualizing and filming YouTube content. As soon as she gets a video idea, she films right away so she doesn’t lose her momentum. She also explained she wants to come across as relatable and candid so she keeps videos unrehearsed. We stan a spontaneous queen! 


Chelsea’s a plant mom. 

In typical cool-girl fashion, Chelsea is very knowledgeable about caring for plants. You’ll be impressed by her ability to name various plants in her vlogs, and it’s a relaxing treat to watch her nurture her plant babies. 

Chelsea likes befriending other Gen Z vloggers.

ICYDK, Chelsea is probably close to your other fave fashion vloggers on YouTube. Many times, we’ve spotted her rubbing elbows with fellow internet personalities such as Bianca Gan, Ashley Garcia, and Aika Agustin. These girls look *extra stunning* together, so we’re crossing our fingers for a video collab post-pandemic! 

Chelsea is a skilled photographer. 

If you think taking IG-worthy photos necessitates a scenic backdrop and the latest camera, Chelsea’s IG feed will prove you wrong. Whether she’s photographing her OOTD or shooting clothes for her business, she’s an expert in taking professional-grade photos with only her phone. Watch some of her photoshoot vlogs to pick up some useful tips on how to DIY your own set at home.  



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