Everything We Know So Far About Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin's Rumored Relationship

by Malcolm Angoya   |  Feb 21, 2023
Image: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/imsethfedelin, Instagram/francinesdiaz
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Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin (a.k.a. FranSeth) have become two of the country's most bankable young stars since their first project in Kadenang Ginto. Three years later, FranSeth is making headlines left and right as a promising Gen Z love team even though they remain insistent that they are strictly *just friends.* Their fans all seem to agree that Francine and Seth are a match made in heaven, convinced there is a secret romance brewing between the two of them.

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Whatever you choose to believe about this potential pairing, here's everything we know so far about FranSeth's rumored relationship:

  • They used to be part of the Gold Squad.

Francine and Seth already had a long history with each other as close friends since they used to be a part of the Gold Squad along with Andrea Brillantes and Kyle Echarri—their respective screen partners at the time. The name of their group was coined from their previous hit Kapamilya series Kadenang Ginto.



  • Seth allegedly spent New Year's Eve with Francine's family.

Francine and Seth were once spotted together at the former's family gathering during the holidays in 2021. The now-deleted photo circulated in social media, giving rise to speculations about whether there is something ~*romantic*~ going on between them.

The photo also became controversial because Seth was still allegedly romantically associated with Andrea at the time. Following the FranSeth photo, Andrea posted cryptic TikTok video that led fans to believe that she and Francine were no longer friends. Andrea soon clarified, "I had no contact with them when I saw the picture, so I made a TikTok which made everything worse... Pero sana man lang guys once maisip niyo na tao lang din ako, and it was my first heartbreak so hindi ko talaga alam kung paano siya iha-handle."

  • Seth posted a caption on Instagram that fans alluded to Francine.

Right after he was caught celebrating New Year's Eve with Francine's family, Seth posted a photo alongside an interesting caption that said, "Biruin mo sa laki ng mundo, NATAGPUAN KITA." It's unclear who Seth is referring to, but fans believe it's directed to Francine who he has been recently linked with.

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  • They are currently on-screen partners in Dirty Linen.

Francine and Seth have already worked on several projects before, but Dirty Linen marks the first time the duo will be on-screen partners. This signals a big milestone in their career as an official love team following Seth and Andrea's breakup.

JSYK, Dirty Linen is an ongoing show! Catch Dirty Linen across ABS-CBN's platforms online and on cable TV, primetime every 9:35 PM!

  • Francine and Seth teamed up for Ace Banzuelo's music video for "Muli. "

Last July 2022, Francine and Seth teamed up to star in Ace Banzuelo's music video for Muli. It was one of their first official projects as a duo, and their portrayal of lovers had their fans gushing over their chemistry!

  • Francine and Seth attended the first Star Magical Christmas together.

To nobody's surprise, Francine and Seth attended the first-ever Star Magical Christmas together in November 2022. The FranSeth tandem was dressed to the nines, took the white carpet, and spread love in the air!



  • Seth admitted that he used to have a crush on Francine.

While doing the Lie Detector Challenge with The Squad 2022 on their YouTube channel, Seth finally got real about his past feelings for Francine. He was asked to verify whether or not he ever had a crush on Francine, and he answered yes

FranSeth elaborated on it further in an interview with Magandang Buhay in January 2023. Apparently, they were on an airplane where he suddenly admitted his feelings to Francine. Seth explained, "Actually, nagka-crush ako at nagkagusto sa kaniya, at sinabi ko naman 'yun. Sinabi ko sa kanya 'yun pero naiba ang ihip eh. Siyempre bagets pa kami noon nung 2019."

  • Francine admitted that there's a possibility of her liking Seth back.

Confronted by the same Lie Detector Challenge, Francine admits that there is a chance for her to actually like Seth. She stated, "Baka. Kasi lagi naman tayong magkakasama, 'tsaka matagal na man tayong magkakilala."

  • Francine and Seth are best friends.

When Seth was asked about how he felt about working with Francine again for Dirty Linen, Seth couldn't contain his excitement to be able to work with his ~best friend.~ He said, "Matalik kong kaibigan talaga itong si Francine. Happy ako dahil nagwo-work kami. Nagiging team kami 'pag nasa set na kami, and kahit wala sa set. "


  • Seth gave Francine the sweetest gift for her 19th birthday.

Seth took to Instagram to post a super *kilig* greeting for Francine's 19th birthday earlier this year, uploading photos of him attempting to win the birthday girl a stuffed animal at a claw machine. Along with the penguin doll, he even gifted her a bouquet of flowers, a cake, and so much more.

  • They posted sweet messages for each other on Valentine's day.

Francine and Seth took it to Instagram to share the love on Valentine's Day. Seth called Francine as "My Valentine" in his IG story, while Francine posted a similar story wherein she referred to him as "My Nico" like his character in Dirty Linen. So cute!

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