8 Cute Moments Between Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin That Made Us Feel *Super Kilig*

by Malcolm Angoya   |  Feb 22, 2023
Image: (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/francinesdiaz, Instagram/imsethfedelin
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Endearingly dubbed as FranSeth by their fans, Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin are quickly becoming a fan-favorite love team in the showbiz sphere. While they haven't confirmed their official relationship status, they're not shy to show affection for each both on and off screen. If you're just like us and can't wait until they confirm their relationship, check out eight FranSeth moments that have us kicking the air in *kilig.*

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8 Adorable FranSeth Moments That Made Us Feel *Super Kilig

1. When Francine and Seth joined the ensemble cast of Dirty Linen, they disclosed in a press conference how pressured they were to work as a love team for the first time. However, they were unable to contain their excitement to be able to work together again. Seth said, "Pressured kami to [work together as a love team] pero sa katagalan naman, mas nakikilala namin 'yung isa't isa and happy. Masaya ako kasi matalik kong kaibigan talaga si Francine so ngayon, happy ako kasi nagwo-work kami. Nagiging team kami."


 2. Francine and Seth have worked together many times in the past, but their music video appearance for Ace Banzuelo's Muli just might be their sweetest yet. The duo played as lovers and their chemistry on-screen just oozes with heart-fluttering romance! From their strong affection on-screen to Banzuelo's powerful lyrics of love, this music video can get even the coldest of hearts to believe in love.

 3. Francine invited Seth to join her YouTube channel in October 2022 where they reacted to mean comments. Aside from the effortless display of chemistry, they also weren't afraid to get real and defend themselves from online bullies dwelling on their previous controversies. Francine clapped back at a certain hater, "Dapat alam mo yung truth bago ka magbigay ng comments about a certain topic. Alamin muna natin 'yung nangyari at kung ano 'yung pinanggalingan." A power couple, indeed!

 4. During their TV appearance on It's Showtime, Seth confessed that he can't be ~just friends~ with Francine. They revealed that Francine made a promise with Seth to always be friends, but the actor admitted he can't possibly fulfill it! He stated, "Baka hindi ko matupad na friendship lang. Yung pangako na 'yun, syempre para sa akin, ang hirap na kaibigan lang. " OMG!

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5. Along with a bunch of their Dirty Linen co-stars, Francine and Seth participated in Dinagyang Festival 2023 as part of ABS-CBN Regional's Kapamilya Karavan in Iloilo. While Francine was on center stage, some fans caught Seth sneaking out from backstage and taking a video of the golden girl performing. Whether their relationship is official or not, the support they have for each other is *definitely* real!

@yncycrrl Aaahhhhhh he's her biggest fan!! Hindi niya alam kinukunan siya dito, it's so pure STAWWPPP ?????????? | #fyp #FranSeth #dirtylinen #fyp? #tiktokph #francinediaz #sethfedelin ? It's You - Sezairi

 6. Francine and Seth made a guest appearance in Magandang Buhay wherein they were asked the seemingly harmless question: "Do you find each other attractive?" Seth wasted no time and answered a resounding yes! As if that couldn't be already kilig-worthy enough, Seth revealed in the same breath that he did, after all, have a crush on her before. Awww!

7. Birthday presents must come from the heart, and Seth made sure Francine felt appreciated on her special day earlier this year. He gifted her a penguin stuffed animal he worked hard to win in a claw machine, along with an array of birthday goodies to celebrate her day with. So thoughtful and so cute!


 8. Even Francine and Seth can't resist showing off their love on social media during Valentine's Day. Seth wished Francine a happy Valentine's Day on his Instagram story by posting a sweet photo of them with "My Valentine" as his caption. Francine followed up with her own photo, writing "My Nico" as an adorable reference to his character in their Kapamilya show Dirty Linen.


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