WATCH: Francine Diaz Reacts to The Internet's *Assumptions* About Her

The 17-year-old actress really let her bubbly side shine through!
by Cheska Santiago   |  Oct 9, 2021
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ICYMI, Francine Diaz joins in on the trend of reacting and responding to the internet's ~assumptions~ about her. She asked her followers on Instagram to send in what they think of her, and she responded and reacted to them in her latest YouTube video.

She may be serious in her teleserye Huwag Kang Mangamba where she plays the character Joy, but people got to see her funny, cute, and bubbly side in this video! Check out some of the things we learned about her:

1. She used to stay up all night reading Wattpad stories.

The 17-year-old actress shared that yes, just like us, she used to stay up until the wee hours of the night reading Wattpad stories. However, these days, she focuses on trying to pass all her school requirements. We love a good student!

2. She used to do Taekwondo.

According to Francine, she actually got to join a competition with her cousin once, but it never happened again due to Kadenang Ginto starting already. She did say, however, that she misses the sport and that she'd like to go back to it. 


3. She's very thrifty.

She shared that although it may seem like she's magastos because she buys makeup and clothes that she needs, she's actually very smart with her money. 

4. She considers trust very important.

She said that once someone breaks her trust, she finds it very hard to bring it back. Though she will continue to respect them as a person and be kind to them, it's going to be hard to work their way to her good books again.

5. She doesn't feel the need to "compete" with other stars her age in showbiz.

"I think magiging ka-kompetensya mo lang ang isang tao sa buhay kung iisipin mong ka-kompentensya mo siya," she responded. Francine believes that everyone has their own time to bloom and shine, and that she trusts in God's timing. Wise words!

6. It's a conscious decision for her to not have a boyfriend just yet.

According to Francine, she doesn't want to have a boyfriend just yet because she knows she's not yet ready. Although she has crushes (who doesn't?), she believes that there are still more important things in life that need her attention.

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Watch Francine's video below:


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