Five Reasons Why You Should Watch Nandito Ako Correspondent Honey tells you why David Archuleta's show is worth watching.
by Honey Albiso   |  Feb 10, 2012
photo courtesy of TV5 (Nandito Ako)
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Philippine television is set to give us a high again this month thanks to a new TV5 mini-serye called Nandito Ako. The heart-pincher about young love stars international singer David Archuleta and the network's princesses Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Eula Caballero. Think this is going to be just another primetime program? Here are five reasons why you should watch Nandito Ako:

  1. Archie's in it! Our favorite singer is back but not just to serenade us with a hit single. Tune in to get a nightly dose of this super talented singer and witness how he transforms into an actor. David shares how the show changed his life: "What really made it great was that I started to get out of my comfort zone… It's been exciting and it just taught me a lot about myself as a person."
  2. Mac Alejandre directed it. If you're an avid fan of Philippine romantic movies, the name Mac Alejandre must surely be familiar to you. Direk Mac has already directed movies and shows that have pinched the hearts of many like Endless Love and In Your Eyes. So trust him when he says that his new project is going to be just as awesome.
  3. You get not one, but two leading ladies. As if Jasmine isn't already enough, viewers also get to watch Eula in this one. What makes having two lead actresses exciting is that you just don't know what to expect. Who is Josh (David's character) going to end up with? Watch the series to find out!
  4. The cast. Aside from an international singer and two of this generation's wonderful actresses, the cast is made more powerful by the presence of household names like Gelli de Belen, Aiko Melendez, and the comeback actress G Tongi. Plus: Watch for Alwyn Uytingco, Ana Capri, Mon Confiado, and a lot more!
  5. It’s a journey. With Archie trying his first acting stint, this isn’t just a journey of his character but also his own transformation from singer to singer-actor. Let’s see what happens from here!

Nandito Ako premieres on February 20 after Wil Time Bigtime on TV5.

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