7 Fast Facts You Need to Know About “The Rain in España” Leading Man Marco Gallo

by Yssa Cardona   |  Dec 9, 2022
Image: Instagram/marcogalloc
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We’ve had our eyes on Gen Z heartthrob Marco Gallo since he starred in the 2021 TV series Di Na Muli, where he acted alongside Julia Barretto and Marco Gumabao. While it was the project that catapulted him to national stardom, it *actually* wasn’t his first foray into showbiz. Now, the actor is slowly making a name for himself as he will soon be playing the lead role of Kalix in the highly anticipated series, The Rain in España!

Curious to know more about the actor? We’ve got you! Ahead, we list down 7 facts you *definitely* need to know about Marco Gallo.

7 Fast Facts About The Rain in España Leading Man Marco Gallo:

1. He’s a Capricorn.

Marco is a *certified* Gen Z, and a true-blue Capricorn as well! He was born on January 3, 2001 in Milan, Italy where he stayed for a couple of years before moving to the Philippines. In 2018, he went back to Milan to pursue modeling for six months, until he decided to return to Manila for good in January 2019 so he can resume his acting career.


2. He’s a former PBB housemate.

ICYDK, Marco’s first foray into showbiz was through the hit reality show Pinoy Big Brother 7: Teen Edition back in 2016, where he was dubbed as the “Pilyo Bello of Italy” for being “handsome” and “naughty.” During his stay in Bahay ni Kuya, he formed a close relationship with fellow housemates Edward Barber and his Rain in España leading lady, Heaven Peralejo.

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3. He was in a love team with Kisses Delavin.

If you witnessed all the ~drama~ at the PBB house, you would know that Kisses once admitted that she had feelings for Marco after they had a misunderstanding when Marco admitted his admiration for their fellow housemate, Vivoree Esclito. While their relationship didn’t work out during the season, the two became a love team after their PBB stint!

Kisses and Marco (a.k.a. #KissMarc) starred in the 2017 film Loving in Tandem together with their fellow housemates Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber. When asked about his love team partner, Marco said: "I give everything. Lahat ng kakayanan ko binigay ko para makuha ko ang tiwala ng magulang ni Kisses. I want to show them, to everyone, especially to Kisses, that for now I can be a true friend that she can trust." Kilig!


4. He’s a vlogger.

Marco has proven himself to be a man of many talents. Case in point: he’s not only skilled in acting, he also knows how to produce and edit his own vlogs! He has been posting his travels, product reviews, and even ~random trips~ on his YouTube channel, which you can check out here!

5. Julia Barretto is his ~celebrity crush~.

The actor admits to being *intimidated* when he was paired up with his celebrity crush Julia Barretto in Di Na Muli, especially when they were tasked to film a kissing scene.

“I am excited because my friends know that my girl crush, like, celebrity crush in show business is Julia Barretto. When I learned I’m having a kissing scene [with her], I was, like, 'Oh my god, the universe heard me,'" he shared in an interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP.ph). “I was intimidated by the fact na kasi I’m kind of friends with Gerald Anderson. He’s really like a kuya to me and Julia is his girlfriend.”


He continued, "I was so nervous. I just was scared in a way. Imagine, your kilig crush, na-kiss mo but even if it’s for work. I had on my side a lot of embarrassment, not because of the eksena, but because I find her pretty."

6. He’s a dog dad.

The Gen Z star is a charming fur parent, too! On Instagram, he often posts photos of his dog Monty and their life during the quarantine. According to the actor, "Who needs a baby when you have Monty?" LOL, so cute!


7. He has an affinity for motorcycles.

Marco surely knows how to travel in style, and it might not be what you'd expect! The actor has repeatedly showed his love for motorcycles on Instagram, even trying out different models for his solo rides. His most valued purchase? His Ducati, of course!


"2022 you’re insane, finally got my own Ducati," he captioned one of his posts. "Making dreams a reality."

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