To All The People Who Think Being A Fan Is Weird And Corny

Being a fan is not (at all!) just about screaming your lungs out like there's no tomorrow.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Feb 6, 2020
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Each day that passes by seems pretty normal for a regular person like you… That is, until you fell into the hole of stanning. Life has never been the same since you stumbled upon this famous person and decided then and there to declare yourself a fan. Maybe their superb acting chops amaze you, or their music inspires you, or their incredible taste in fashion resonates well with your inner style. Whatever the reason is, the world—in your eyes, at least—just got a tad bit brighter now that you have someone to devote your love and attention to.

Not everyone shares the same sentiment, though. For some people, being a fan is for ten-year-olds who unbelievably have too much time on their hands after being dismissed from class but are too old to have nap times. “K-Pop fan ka? Ang corny naman niyan ‘e,” or “She stans Harry Styles, that’s so high school!” are normal things you encounter. Little do the “locals” know that being a fan is not (at all!) just about screaming your lungs out like there’s no tomorrow.


As a responsible fan, you’ll need good time management skills.

Imagine juggling your academic responsibilities, social life, and fan duties, and actually pulling it off like a boss. Full-time student sa umaga, part-time fangirl sa gabi. Dear future employers, you may thank our celebrity idols for teaching us fans how to multi-task and be flexible with our schedules.

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You’ll need discipline to budget your allowance so you could save up for your fangirl/fanboy needs.

Now that you're a full-fledged fan, you can’t just go and splurge on your milk tea fix if you want a VIP seat at Billie Eilish’s concert! No, you have to save up a portion of your allowance for that ticket instead of spending it on less important things (#priorities). In a way, it kind of teaches you that money does not, in fact, grow on trees and that you’ll need to work hard and exert effort to pursue the things you want in life, sometimes making room for compromises along the way.


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It’s not corny to admire and be inspired by someone.

As a fan, you’re constantly inspired to do good in your own thing the way your idols are excelling in their own industries. And being inspired by someone’s music or motivated by an athlete’s achievement is not something to laugh at. In fact, it’s nice to see people doing good and spreading some love in this world after seeing their idols do the same.

It’s nice to have something in life that makes you feel good and happy.

For many people, being a fan is the only way they get to de-stress. These people that we admire pull us out of a dark time and inspire us to do better when it comes to our own commitments. Besides, in a world where bad news abound, we could all use a little bit of good vibes to keep us going.


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