Everything You Need to Know About Gen Z Vlogger Aika Agustin

An up-and-coming internet star on our radar is Aika Agustin, a De La Salle University student who currently lives in Japan.
by Leika Golez   |  Feb 11, 2022
Image: Instagram/aikaagustin
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YouTube is a gold mine for Gen Z content creators totally worth raving about. Whether you're a casual gamer or a self-proclaimed beauty lover, you'll surely find an influencer to vibe with on the video platform.

One up-and-coming internet star on our radar is Aika Agustin, a De La Salle University student who currently lives in Japan. With over 100,000 YouTube subscribers, this 22-year-old influencer is best known for her travel vlogs, thrift hauls, and calming self-care videos. 

Curious to learn more? Here are eight fun facts you should know about half-Japanese fashionista Aika Agustin: 

1. Aika lived alone in the Philippines before moving to Japan. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Aika actually lived in the Philippines by herself because she wanted to experience being an independent college student. She would only visit her family in Japan during Christmas and summer, but she decided to fully move in with them after COVID-19 travel restrictions were set in place. Although she loves vlogging about her life abroad, she's still planning to permanently live in the Philippines after she graduates.

2. Aika is an irregular student at DLSU.

Aika spent her freshman year as a nursing student at the University of Santo Tomas. But because she always felt like she didn't truly belong there, she decided to take a gap semester to study for the DLSU entrance exam. The following year, she finally transferred to DLSU as a BS Psychology major. She's opened up to her viewers about the difficulties of being a transferee who lives in Japan, so we definitely recommend checking out her girl talk videos if you want some helpful ate advice.

3. Aika is an Aries.

Aika's birthday is on April 2, and that makes her zodiac sign Aries. In a previous Q&A video, she mentioned that she doesn't really consider herself as a stereotypical Aries since she's not dramatic or confrontational. Still, she acknowledges that she's generally goal-oriented and independent like most Aries personalities.

4. Aika is a foodie who knows how to bake.

Aika's lifestyle vlogs typically include super *aesthetic* food shots that trigger our snack cravings. Her fans get treated with satisfying ASMR content whenever she indulges in sweet desserts that are almost too pretty to eat. Plus, Aika's also a pretty skilled baker herself! She knows how to make classic favorites including strawberry shortcake, banana bread, and graham cake. Yum!


5. Aika loves buying clothes from thrift stores. 

It only takes one quick scroll through Aika's IG feed to know that she loves wearing retro Y2K-inspired OOTDs. Her closet is filled to the brim with baby tees, pleated skirts, printed dresses, and other second-hand vintage clothes. From shopping vlogs to style lookbooks, Aika has loads of thrift-related content that'll get you hooked on Gen Z fashion trends. She's very hands-on when it comes to her wardrobe, so she usually alters her haul to fit her personal style better. Her channel is basically style tips galore!

6. Aika tries to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Apart from thrifting and baking, Aika also enjoys exercising regularly. No matter how busy she gets with traveling and studying, she tries her best to squeeze in a quick workout routine into her daily schedule. Sometimes, she even shares realistic dieting tips and healthy (but still yummy) meal plans. We love a fit queen! 

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7. Aika is a middle child with three siblings.

Currently, Aika has two brothers and one sister. Her eldest brother Jurico is 26 years old, and her second brother Ryota is slightly younger than her at 20. Meanwhile, their youngest sibling Yoshika is only in her teens. BTW, Aika's close with her siblings so you'll see them pretty often in her videos. They usually enjoy teasing and annoying each other in vlogs, and TBH, we can totally relate!

8. Aika is not afraid to talk about difficult topics.

Aika's loyal viewers would know that she doesn't mind getting up close and personal with her content. Apart from being transparent about her personal life challenges, she also never hesitates to discuss taboo subjects such as LGBTQ+ relationships, toxic friends, and feminine hygiene. It almost feels like she's a real-life close friend you can have deep late-night conversations with.


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