Even Celebrities Have Embarrassing Moments

When celebs fall flat on their faces, does their glam factor go up or down? You decide!
  |  Aug 8, 2010
compiled by Candy staff and Maita Ponce * photo courtesy of WBEI/ETC (Gossip Girl)
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  1. Accent-uated
    On our show Love to Love, I play an Ilongga named Cathy. So I’ve been working on my accent to make it more authentic. I sang for the PBA finals a few months ago, and was interviewed by radio DJ/sportscaster Chinggay Andrada as we watched the big game. We both wished Ginebra and Red Bull good luck. Then I said “I love wa-ching (with Ilongga accent) the PBA” after she just said a couple of things in flawless English. Ha, ha! Then at K! The Videoke Challenge, I plugged a concert  and mentioned other artists like Kyla, South Border, and Keith Mar-teen. I was getting better than I expected! Ha, ha! —Karylle, singer/actress
  2. Party Popper
    One night while partying with my friends, I went up to the bar to get some drinks. When I looked down, people were laughing and looking, and one guy even had the gall to say, “Wow, I see heaven!” Apparently, my tube top had slid down! I couldn’t decide what to do because I had my hands full with the drinks. I went down and said, “That’s about it for heaven,” gave them the drinks, and pulled up my tube. Thank God I was wearing a strapless bra. —Charlene Lontoc, host
  3. Stage Fright
    With Parokya, since people see us as a novelty act, whatever embarrassing thing that happens appears normal. One time I fell off the stage face-first; another time I was trying to climb the metal frames by the speakers and got electrocuted! No one realized what was happening. I thought I was going to die, while everyone else in the band just kept on playing and even laughed at me! —Chito Miranda, singer, Parokya ni Edgar
  4. Head Over Heels
    During my video shoot for “Come Clean,” I was hanging out with my then boyfriend. As I climbed down from my trailer, my heel got stuck in the steps. I went thump! Both of my feet were stuck, and I was laughing hysterically. —Hilary Duff, actress/singer
  5. What a Drag!
    Two years ago, I was celebrating my birthday on the set of Beh Bote Nga. Janno, Anjo, and the staff asked me to dress up like a drag queen. They said it was needed for a scene. When I went down all dressed up, they sang happy birthday and gave me a cake. It was totally embarrassing because it was all caught on tape and aired on TV! —Richard Gutierrez, host, Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown
  6. Got Wind
    The most embarrassing moment in high school was when I challenged a girl to punch me in the stomach—when she did, I farted. That’s about as bad as it gets. —Jerry O’ Connell
  7. Splash Flash
    I saw my crush in the water at my eighth-grade pool party and I decided to swim over to say hi. I guess I forgot to check if my bathing suit was on properly because when I came to the surface, his face turned completely red. I looked down and saw that my boob had popped out! I had to go underwater to fix my top. We wound up being friends later on, and we joke about it to this day, but it was pretty devastating. —Anne Hathaway, actress
  8. Tooth Trouble
    During the play Annie, I knocked part of my tooth out with the scrub brush while singing. The song was aptly titled “Hard Knock Life.” —Sarah Jessica Parker, actress

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