Emma's One Night Only

Emma Watson stars in the music video of rumored boyfriend's band One Night Only for "Say You Don't Want It." Check out what happened behind the scenes!
  |  Aug 23, 2010
photo from YouTube
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Emma Watson and rumored boyfriend George Craig from the band One Night Only introduce the behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot of "Say You Don't Want It." Emma is clearly having fun with George and even begins with a laugh and burying her head into George's shoulder at the start of the video. Emma shares who she plays in the video and how she gets involved with George's character, "I play Lady. Lady is a dog from the Upper East Side. She's lost her owner, she's in a dodgy neighborhood. She's a bit scared. And then Tramp walks up and kind of gets her to come along for a ride around New York." The video finds its inspiration from the film The Lady and the Tramp.

In the full version of the behind-the-scenes video, Emma is seen rocking out to One Night Only as she looks on from the side (spot her at 2:19 and 2:30). Emma and George also talk about how they met each other shooting an ad for Burberry. They've become good friends since that two-day shoot and George sent Emma some music and she liked it. "It's fun for me to play something like this that's a bit different. And I love music. And it's great to be part of a video! It's just fun," Emma says about being part of One Night Only's video.


At the end of the footage, they introduce their dog counterparts Tanner and Roxy. Cute! What do you think of the video?

(via One Night Only's YouTube Channel)

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