Elisse Joson Helps Three Candy Girls with Their Love Problems

Plus, she talks about that famous fast food commercial!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jul 2, 2016
Image: McDonald's Philippines ART Clare Magno
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After starring in the McDonald's commercial about moving on, our attention turned to Elisse Joson, the beautiful lady who made us all tear up.

We know she appeared in She's Dating the Gangster and in a skin care commercial with Nadine Lustre. We know that she's Sofia Andres's BFF. But there's actually more to her than those things.

1. How did you get the part in the commercial?

"I went to the VTR, and we went through two castings. We had to cry for the screenings. I actually had a hard time doing so in the first screening. But they said that they didn't need to see tears when the eyes speak for itself. Madami din kami no'n so I really wasn't expecting at all."

2. You made a lot of people cry in your commercial! How did you internalize your role?

"I'd say thank you but I really don't want them crying. Haha! Well, I actually used an experience I had with heartbreak..."


3. What was the funniest and/or most memorable reaction you got from those who've seen the ad?

"They would tweet me pictures or videos of them reenacting the commercial. It's very entertaining to watch!"

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4. Where can your fans see you next?

"I'll be playing a character on one of ABS-CBN's TV shows that is very different from how they see me as the McDo girl. :)"

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5. What are the three songs you listen to when you're feeling heartbroken—not necessarily about love, but about life in general? 

"I listen to Up Dharma Down's 'Tadhana,' Ariana Grande's 'Break Your Heart Right Back,' and Tori Kelly's 'Confetti'."

6. We asked our readers to send in a few of their love problems via Facebook. Can you give them advice on how to deal with heartbreak?

"Ginawa mo ang lahat para sa kanya at may darating din na gagawin ang lahat para sa 'yo. :)"


"Yung closure kaya mo yung makuha sa sarili mo. :)"

"Talking is key. Try to tell him how you feel and how he's making you feel. And keep showing him that you will always be there for him. :)"

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