Dub is in the Air

Urbandub finds a new home in MCA Music! Read all about it here.
  |  Mar 10, 2009
photo courtesy of MCA Music
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All roads led to Eastwood City last February 27, 2009 as keyed up Dubistas eagerly awaited for one of the biggest events to hit this side of the metro!

There was truly a downpour of the country's love for Dub as various social networking accounts and a multitude of other websites received an avalanche of messages in anticipation for the big night.

The result was nothing less than phenomenal as "Dub is in the Air" gathered a crowd that filled every inch of Eastwood Central Plaza! Hosted by DJ Suzy of Magic 89.9, exhilarated fans were psyched to jam with the Sound from the Giant South. Pulse-raising performances from front acts "The Ambassadors" and "Nyctinasty" prepped the night and elevated energy levels in preparation for the main event.

The highlight of the night followed as Mr. Ricky R. Ilacad, MCA Music Inc.'s President, was called up on stage to reveal the very important announcement. Welcoming the band to sail across the world, Mr. Ilacad and MCA Music announced with much ardor and delight that Urbandub is now officially part of one of the country's biggest record labels under the cradle of MCA Music Inc.! The crowd responded with a resounding applause affirming their excitement for the rousing plans for the band and other hard-rocking things to come!

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Winner of "2003 Best Song of the Year," "2004 Album of the Year," "2006 Vocalist of the Year," "2008 Listeners choice," and "Junk Sounds Best Group," Urbandub incontestably wowed and left audiences in awe with their electrifying performance! With Gabby Alipe on Vocals, Lalay Lim on Bass, John Mendoza on Drums and John Dinopol on Guitar, the band stormed Eastwood's atmosphere with their tangible hard-rocking talent! Stridently chanting and blissfully jerking with smash hits such as "First of Summer," "The Fight is Over," and a lot more, Dubistas just couldn't get enough of the Dub and kept on yearning for an encore!

With the booming success of "Dub is in the Air," there is no denying that this will truly be a thrilling year for Urbandub under its new home! This event serves as an onset for bigger and grander plans for the band as well as for its fans! Dubistas ought to be excited as the band is currently gearing up for a new album that is slated to come out this year! With a new home, new songs, a new album set and a myriad of rocking plans for the band, there's no stopping Urbandub from conquering and shattering the local music scene! So to the Dubistas out there, brace yourselves and watch for more of Urbandub!

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