Donny Pangilinan Opens Up About His Bond with Belle Mariano: "Mas importante yung mga 'di nakikita ng mga tao"

He also shared the trait he loves the most about his leading lady.
by Cheska Santiago   |  Mar 31, 2022
Image: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/belle_mariano, Instagram/donny
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Donny Pangilinan only has good things to say about his He's Into Her leading lady Belle Mariano. In the General Assembly for the show held over the past weekend, he revealed that Belle constantly left him amazed due to her ability to give a different take on her character every single time. He said that there was a *stark* difference in the way she approached her scenes and her character from the first season to the second.

"We always try to give a different take and a lot of times I saw that with Belle. Siyempre nakita natin yung pinakita niya sa season one na sobrang galing. Ang dami niyang things na tumatak talaga sa lahat ng audience.'

"What’s interesting, though, is despite all of that, kaya niya pa rin ibahin yung atake niya even if it’s the same character. Makikita mo yung maturity," he noted.


During the event, the young actor also shared the trait that he loved the most about his leading lady. "I guess maybe just her eagerness to grow, to get better, to always improve in her craft and everything she does, her support, and just how she is as a person."

He also added that despite all the problems their characters had on the show, he still had fun portraying them simply because he was doing them with Belle. Aww!

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The young actor also admitted that their closeness onscreen also mimics their relationship off-screen, noting that they still treat each other the same way once the cameras stop rolling.

"I think mas importante yung hindi nakikita ng mga tao like offcam kasi behind the scenes, itong cast na 'to, it goes more than the characters. Every time na nag-ku-cut, nagku-kuwenthan pa rin kami and we talk about each other’s lives. Even the stuff we’re going through."

He continued: "So just being open to listening to each other, I think that’s the biggest act of service we can have. Just being there for each other despite everything."

Aww, how sweet! We definitely can't wait to watch the second season of the show!

Watch the General Assembly of the show below:


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