8 of Donny Pangilinan’s Most Memorable Lines From ‘He’s Into Her’ That Made Us Feel ~Kilig~

We can't wait for Season 2!
by Jessica Tambunting   |  Feb 7, 2022
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I’m still not over He’s Into Her, starring Donny Pangilinan and Belle MarianoDonBelle’s chemistry is spot on. I’d like to take this opportunity, however, to gush over Donny. Not only does he have top-tier visuals, but the way he delivers his lines is ~totally~ swoon-worthy. 

If you haven't watched it yet and are in need of a little convincing, perhaps these *kilig* lines from Deib Lohr Enrile, played by Donny, will make you want to check the series out!


Here are 8 Deib Lohr Enrile lines that would make you wish you were Max (+ my comments/reactions toward these scenes):

*Warning: Minor spoilers ahead!

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1. That time Deib invited Max to lunch to end their FQ ~ friendship quarrel ~ but ended up also confessing his feelings for her. (Episode 7 - 21:05)

Max: So, bati na tayo? Friends na ulit?

Deib: I don't want to be just your friend, Max. I like you.

Max: Baka joke nanaman ‘to ah.

Deib: Seryoso ako. I meant it the first time I said it, pero binawi ko kasi I was scared you’d reject me. 

Max: So matapang ka na ngayon?

Deib: Oo! Max, *holds her hand and looks at her* I like you. Gusto kitang ligawan. Alam ko naman marami akong kasalanan sa iyo. Pero please just give me the time to prove myself to you. Please. Pwede bang manligaw?

My reaction: You had me at “I like you.” At this point, I’ve melted on the floor. 


2. That time Deib brought Max to finally meet his brother. (Episode 7-  23:45)

Max: Ikaw, Deib, ano ba’ng pinagsasasabi mo? Baka ma-bad shot naman ako.

Deib: That you drive me crazy. 

Max: Kuya Dale, alam niyo po ba? Dati, buwisit na buwisit ako sa kapatid niyo. Pero ngayon, puwede na. Mabait naman pala.

Deib: Puwede na. Puwede nang mahalin?

My reaction: His lines are just so smooth. Also, you know it’s real when he introduces you to his family. 

3. That time Deib admitted that he was, indeed, a bully at the start and Max was his target–hence, understanding the wariness of Max’s dad towards him. Although he has changed, Max is still his target, but for a whole different reason. (Episode 7 -  35:40)

Deib: I was your bully and you were my target. Nagbago na naman ako, pero ikaw pa rin target ko. 

Max: Ano?

Deib: Target sa pagmamahal ko. Tinamaan ka na ba?


Max: Baka ikaw ang tinamaan ng kabaduyan ni Lorde! Baliw!

Deib: Sa iyo!

My reaction: Yes! Your arrow shot right through our hearts! This pick-up line deserves more credit. 

4. That time Deib said that they aren’t official YET, so their friends likened their relationship to an app wherein they are on “free trial” because they aren’t “premium” yet – no commitment, but there is an account already. But! He declared how serious he is with Max. (Episode 8 - 13:28)

Deib: Puwede ba akong mag-open ng account sa puso mo?


Deib: Let’s be clear, kapag nag-open ako ng account, ayoko ng free trial. If I open an account, premium subscription na.

My reaction: Um, we're subscribing to these *kilig* lines, alright!

5. That time Deib and Max were studying in The Barb, and Deib started to subtly hold Max’s hand. (Episode 9 - 25:22)

Max: Deib, nag-aaral ako.

Deib: I know.

Max: Kailangan ko yung kamay ko.


Deib: Ano ka ba? Mata ang kailangan sa pagbabasa. Hindi itong kamay mo.

Max: Mag-aral ka na nga lang diyan.

Deib: I’m trying, but you’re distracting me.

My reaction: Tbh, Deib has a point, LOL!

6. That time Deib prepared a “pre-date” because he still wants to ask permission from Max’s dad before they start to officially date. (Episode 9 - 31:05) 

Deib: Kaya nga, which is why this is not a date yet. It’s a pre-date.

Max: Ah, may gano'n?

Deib: Yes! It’s like a preview. Yung movie nga may trailer, 'di ba? ‘Pag nagustuhan mo ang trailer, bibili ka ng ticket, papanoorin mo yung movie. 

Max: Eh paano kung hindi ko nagustuhan?

Deib: Magugustuhan mo ‘to. Magugustuhan mo ako.

My reaction: Awww, a pre-date! This pre-date is raising the standards of all dates. #SanaAll may Deib Enrile. Agree? 

7. That time Deib described what life would've been like if Max didn’t leave Mindoro but expressed how after knowing her, he can’t imagine his life without her. (Episode 9 - 19:25)

Deib: Sabi mo kanina baka mas ok kung hindi ka pumunta dito. Maybe you’re right, Max. Kung hindi ka umalis ng Mindoro, kasama mo pa rin ang pamilya mo, mga kaibigan na kinalakihan mo. Hindi mo pinagdaanan ang lahat ng pagpapahirap ko sa’yo. I would’ve just been some random guy, you met on the side of the road, one day, and that would be it. Makakalimutan mo rin ‘yun. Mawawala rin ako sa isip mo. Hindi ako magiging bahagi ng buhay mo. Tutuloy yung buhay mo na wala ako. At tutuloy ang buhay ko na wala ka. And after everything we've been through, after I’ve known a life with you, I couldn’t imagine a life without you. And I meant it when I said, “You make my life better.”


My reaction: What is life without this scene? I can’t imagine a life without seeing this--it is so sweet!

8. That time Deib gave his MVP medal to Max during the after-party in The Barb. (Episode 10 -  36:28)

Deib: This is my MVP, my Most Valuable Person. The girl that I love, Maxpein del Valle.

My reaction: Imagine being the MVP of the MVP. *screams internally*

Kudos to the scriptwriter for writing these lines and the production team for making this show possible! We can’t wait to see Season 2 of He’s Into Her! If you haven’t watched it yet, here is the Season 2 trailer:


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