Here's Why Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano Don't Go Through Each Other's Phones

by Leika Golez   |  Nov 14, 2022
Image: Instagram/donny
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You already know that Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano have been sparking dating rumors since getting paired in He’s Into Her. While we don’t know for certain their official relationship status IRL, they’re not afraid to air out their opinions on common relationship dilemmas. 

Last week, the couple revealed that they don’t believe in having to choose between love and career. A few days later, they also went on Magandang Buhay to talk about some of their relationship pet peeves. 

For instance, Donny and Belle agreed that they wouldn’t want to stay with an obsessive partner. “Okay naman ‘yung text, ‘yung being clingy and stuff, updates and stuff. Pero ‘yung sobrang, every second, wala ka nang galaw sa buong araw e,” Donny explained. 

Nodding her head in agreement, Belle also stressed the significance of staying independent in a relationship. “I think it’s very important that we also grow individually,” she said. 


When asked if they would allow full access to each other’s phones, Donny and Belle admitted that they don’t perceive that as healthy. They’re big on trusting each other unconditionally, and TBH, we’re all for that progressive mindset! 

“Mahirap ‘yun, ibig sabihin parang walang trust. 100% ng phone mo ibibigay mo, ibig sabihin parang lahat ng galaw nakatutok. Ang weird and ang hirap,” Donny shared. He then added, “I don’t think it’s healthy din na ganoon. Walang space ang isa’t isa.” 

Similarly, Belle brought up prioritizing one’s individuality once again. “Yeah. In order for you to grow, you need space as well,” she stated. We couldn’t have said it better, DonBelle! 

You can watch their interview here: 

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