DonBelle Shared the Best Career Advice at the Star Magical Prom: "Patience is key"

by Ira Nopuente for   |  Mar 31, 2023
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At the Star Magical Prom, ~*the phenomenal*~ love team, DonBelle, was called to give advice to the Senior Class. Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan had the best advice that everyone—even us non-celebs—would follow.

Belle, who started as a child star, talked about her experience and the lessons she learned growing up in showbiz. "I just realized, I've been in the business for almost, almost actually 12 years! I started when I was nine, and I was trying to see what I can tell you guys. And, one thing that really stuck with me is patience."

She began to open up about how she almost quit showbiz. "There was a time na I really wanted to stop. I started to question if this was for me. Like, I started to question myself. But then along the way, I also learned how to believe and to dream. I learned how to believe in myself. I learned how to believe in the management.. But mostly, I learned to believe that God's plan will fall accordingly, and I want you to embody that," she shared.

She then reminded everyone to always keep their feet on the ground as they succeed in their careers: "One thing I also learned is humility because that is one thing that will take you further in life."

Donny added, "Each and every single one of you here has a purpose in life. It's no accident that you are literally sitting and standing where you are right now, at this time, tonight. There are so many people who want to be in your place, and yet here you are. And that is because of a reason that you guys have to find out with yourself, with God, with people who love you, [and] who you love."


He also emphasized the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. "Don't forget the ones who have been with you from the very start as well. Because those are the ones who believe in you, and tell you the truth, even if it hurts," he explained.

"This Star Magic family of ours, consider it your family talaga. Mga handlers niyo, RM (road manager). Pamilya niyo yan. They will fight for you. They will make sure they are there for you even at your lowest times. Surround yourself with people who will push you to reach your dreams and will motivate you to strive for greatness always," he pointed out.

He also agreed with Belle's advice: "Tama yung sinabi ni Belle, patience is key. Tita Cory [Vidanes] always says patience is a virtue."

He reminded the Senior Class to push their egos aside to be open to learning: "I know you guys are from Star Magic, so if you took workshops, Direk Ryan would always say, 'You're only as good as your last work'. So, never settle, 'di ba? The moment we figure out we're the best, that's when our downhill starts, I believe. There is always room for growth."

"Super excited to work with you guys soon. Sana magkita-kita tayo sa mga projects," he enthusiastically said.

Thank you for the wise words, DonBelle! We'll keep this in mind.

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