OMG! Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan Are *Open* to Pursuing Hollywood Projects

by Leika Golez   |  Nov 29, 2022
Image: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/jillasara, Instagram/awarewolves
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There’s no denying that DonBelle is one of the fastest-rising love teams in today’s generation. Case in point: Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano’s recent movie An Inconvenient Love has already grossed four million pesos on just their first day. Plus, their comeback movie also hit theaters globally, including theaters in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and even the United States of America.

It’s clear that the love team is successful in many ways, so it comes as no surprise that both local stars are excited about reaching international audiences. “Of course there’s pressure, but at the same time, we’re very excited for people to see it,” Belle recently shared in an interview with Jules Graeser on Chatterbox

“Just the feeling of having actual physical people going to the cinemas watching it with us in the premiere night when we get there, it’s gonna be something like I missed, we all missed. Just that feeling of going through it together, watching it together,” Donny agreed. 


The best part: Donny and Belle also confirmed that they’re actually open to working on Hollywood projects if opportunities are available. OMG, we smell a DonBelle Hollywood debut soon! 

“Why not? If I was given the opportunity to do a project here [in the States], why not?” Belle said confidently when asked about going global. She added, “Of course, I’d take that opportunity just to be able to share that Filipino talent and how amazing Filipinos are.” 

Similarly, Donny said that he’ll take every opportunity to bring pride to the country and promote
“Every time we’re able to just represent our country, it’s always going to be something we’re grateful for. The fact that we’re slowly moving out to the global stage like you said with Inigo [Pascual], it’s something I’m very interested to do for sure,” he shared. 

While DonBelle’s next projects haven’t been confirmed at the moment, we’re sure that they’ll continue to make their mark as a tandem in the industry. Congrats on your newest movie, DonBelle! 

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You can watch their full interview here: 

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