Diego Loyzaga, Barbie Imperial’s Love Story Started with Playing COD Together

by Mylene Mendoza   |  Feb 19, 2021
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Are you someone who believes that a friendship remains just that, or do you think it can blossom into something more romantic? Either way, Diego Loyzaga and Barbie Imperial's love story is proof of the latter. 

In an interview with Star Magic, the new couple finally opened up about the beginning of their relationship, and unlike many lovers, theirs actually started out as mere friendship.

During the interview, Barbie revealed that they met around three years ago in 2018. "Pero that time, wala kaming ano, something. Ano lang, friends lang talaga kami," Barbie shares. "Pero, crush ko siya noon."

At some point, they realized that they got stuck in the friendzone. "Parang na-friendzone kaming dalawa sa isa't isa," Diego says. They'd hang out together or go on beach trips, but often surrounded by mutual friends.

After that, Diego went into a two-year hiatus from showbiz. During that time, Barbie was among the friends who would check up on him and ask him how he's doing. Barbie shared that she would still text Diego even if she wasn't getting any replies from him, apart from sending each other birthday greetings.


Barbie also shared that they would play the online game Call of Duty together. She even said that Diego would always give her armor plates (they're in-game accessories that help extend your life!) instead of keeping them for him to use. If that's not love, what is?

Dating wasn't exactly the easiest for the two, especially since they became closer during quarantine. They couldn't go out like before, and Barbie also couldn't just break rules from her lock-in tapings. Normally, they'd just hang around at each other's houses or do video calls together.

The two eventually became official (on Instagram, at least!) on New Year's Day after going on a holiday beach trip together. Despite the romantic setup, they actually became official in a rather casual way. "Lagi tayong nag-aasaran noong time na 'yon, na friends na walang label," Diego points out. On how Barbie said yes to being Diego's girlfriend, Barbie shares, "Sabi niya lang, 'tayo na?' sabi ko, 'Oo.'" Just shows how chill of a couple they are!

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Before dating each other, Barbie was in a relationship with actor Paul Salas. Diego, on the other hand, dated Sofia Andres.


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