Did Calvin Harris Really Get Emotional on TV Because of Taylor Swift?

Aww, we get ya, Calvin.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Oct 5, 2016
Image: Tumblr | red-lip-classic-swiftie.tumblr.com
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You know that moment when you hear a sad song that's so good that you end up tearing up or almost losing it because it reminds you of something or someone?  Welp, it seems like music producer Calvin Harris has that moment...and it was caught on TV!

During his appearance on X Factor, contestant Matt Terry sang "She's Out of My Life" and told him the heartbreaking story of his breakup with his long-time girlfriend. "I was in a long-term relationship with my girlfriend and she left me, but that happens," he said "It happens to all of us. It's life right?" (via Dolly.com.au)

Calvin reminded him that he's now on TV and that his ex is "sad right now, dude." When Matt sang, it looks like his eyes were starting to well up and even looked at Nicole Scherzinger for support.

We're not the only ones who thought so, too!


Aww, it's going to be fine in time, Calvin.

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