Demi Lovato's Past Drug Abuse And What Addiction Does To A Person

by Macy Alcaraz   |  Dec 11, 2013
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In an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood, The X Factor judge opened up about her drug addiction in and her eating disorder that prompted her to check into rehab back in 2010. Demi Lovato had resorted to lying, sneaking in drugs and alcohol because she couldn't last longer than thirty minutes to an hour without them, thereby ultimately harming not only herself but the people around her.

Late last month, Demi released her book Stay Strong: 365 Days A Year, which is a collection of quotes that inspire her and daily reflections in her own words. She's in the middle of writing a tell-all, which she warned Joe Jonas she was writing after he had come out with his own in a magazine, revealing Demi's involvement with him and illegal substances.

So what's the difference between abuse and addiction? 

Addiction starts as abuse. TeensHealth defines abuse as using illegal substances or using legal substances in the wrong way. When the person using drugs no longer has control over their use—they've gotten used to having it in their system that they need to have it all the time. Which is what happened to Demi when she started smuggling in cocaine on planes and even using them onboard!

The decision to get better was hers and that's the first step to fighting addiction. Even if people around her knew or suspected her addiction, she was able to manipulate them into thinking that she was okay. But until that moment she realized she needed help, it was a difficult and dangerous downward slope for the then-19-year-old singer.


Have you ever experimented with drugs and alcohol? Why did you do it? Was it something your friends pressured you into doing or something you pressured yourself into doing? What would you do if you found out your friends were addicted to illegal substances?

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